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On Knowing............The Missing Piece

Maybe there is another world out there running right along side this one.

And maybe you and I have been there for a long time......holding hands, walking together, sleeping together, touching,sharing laughter and tears, telling stories, all the while here in this world we lived apart unaware of that transparent world just barely out of our reach.

Maybe there were split seconds when those two worlds touched like two wayward ballons and we stopped what we were doing just for an instant.....and maybe our hearts took an extra beat and a smile pulled at our lips, and we wondered why.

Maybe somehow deep inside in the dark corners of our minds where the secret longings lived we felt more than knew the touch of our two hands together.

Maybe we felt more than knew there was something better over the next hill or around the next corner.

We traveled the road of life in this world, laughing, crying. loving, learning, forming ideas and dreams and character.....letting the cream rise to the top, all the while without knowing it, we glanced around looking for that missing piece.

Maybe without knowing it we reached out to each other in times of extreme hardship and even looked around for each other as we laughed at our mistakes and opened the wrong doors.

Maybe we were practicing.

Maybe one day the two worlds collided and merged for a nanosecond in a whirlwind of pain and sorrow and when the clouds and dust and tears fell away there were two people guided by two beams of light walking toward each other.

Maybe there were brief flashes of forgotten seconds scattered about over the past years......moments when we first started "knowing".....and maybe as we walked along this new road we realized that somewhere we had touched before and laughed before.

Maybe we now we know why we feel as if we've known each other for so long and why we are so comfortable together,

We have found the missing piece we knew was there somewhere. We are now finally where we are meant to be. The puzzle is complete now....all the pieces are melded together....the lines are gone and a beautiful image is there for the world to see.

Bob Stepp

"Cowboy" 5-26-11

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Comment by Quinn on May 28, 2011 at 4:59pm
Comment by Stir Young on May 27, 2011 at 6:41pm
Bob, this is good stuff!  Thanks for sharing it with us....you have a real writing talent.
Comment by caseyjo on May 27, 2011 at 9:33am
Kinda joking w/ you there Bob, but you kind of have to admit the stereotype is there for a reason...because there are a lot like that, or at least wanna-be's....I realized a while back you are not the stereotypical cowboy.
Comment by Bob Stepp on May 27, 2011 at 8:38am

While I am a Native Texan and embrace the western culture, history and traditions, I don't always match the streotypical visions most people have of the West. The works of Zane Grey, Elmer Kelton, and J. Frank Dobie contain most of the real ideals of the Cowboy.

Comment by caseyjo on May 26, 2011 at 6:31pm
Oh My Bob..You write deliciously...Not what I would think would come out of a mind of a cowboy..I think of most of you as rootin tootin beer drinkin bare back ridin big hat wearing football watching good ol boys w/ antlers hanging on your walls & big bear carpets between walls of chopped down pine trees dreaming of your next big hunting trip w/Sarah Palin.



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