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A Warrant For Liberty
Or A Warrant For Death

Thirteen years . . . in pocket . . .

where strangers’ lips in passing utter shh . . . or stranger things to bend all reason.

I do indeed nurture a bitterness, a hatred, deep in my breast like some small bird fed on small worms - memories, small wounds of ground glass . . .

someone should go to al-Qaida and tell them they have no need of guns and suicide vests if their sole intent is to overthrow American Imperialism, for all they need are WORDS . . .

Give me liberty or give me death I say, for I do with vehement rage reject this social construct that permits the murder of innocence as a form of coercion and covered up behind a veil of ambiguous charade. I have no appetite for a life dependant on nothing more than a tee shirt imprinted with lies - and I do grow so weary of this game.

Give me liberty or give me death I say, but do it not in the name of the Will of the People for among those in whose power it is so to give The Will of the People is unknown. It is a thing alien and detested.

Give me liberty or give me death I say, and think it no more than a kindness, and let us note with great care what kindness they give.
© D. Winter
April 19, 2010

Affidavit of Witness

At about 8:19 am on the morning of Wednesday, April 21, 2010, a phone call arrived, caller id indicated the call originated from: Williamsport Md 301.223.0109. This phone call went unanswered as this witness was otherwise engaged at the time; the answering machine retrieved the call, which was then met by a dial tone, and not recorded by the answering machine. A subsequent call back to that number later in the day indicated that this was the American Diabetes Association, and suggests that the original call was the result of computer generated telemarketing outreach to past supporters of the American Diabetes Association.

Absent the information derived by callback, and armed only with the knowledge that this call originated from Williamsport Md, allowed for and helped to create a perception indicating that there was an important message to be delivered, and that this message would be found elsewhere. This becomes possible due to the general anonymity and ambiguity of the information conveyed, combined with the name Williamsport, which itself suggests by its name, King William, William’s Port; and the proximity of Maryland to the current seat of power of the United States.

This witness took note of the suggestion, and at about 1 pm, as per general habit in such cases, this witness did embark on the short trip to Burlington, Vermont, for the express purpose of conducting a close examination of this suggested message, its content, context, and relevance to the issue of human rights in general and human experimentation in particular, including experiments pertaining to the application of various techniques of psychological warfare.

While embarked on this short journey, arriving at Tafts [more properly Taft’s] Corners in Williston, this witness encountered what seemed to be a statistically significant signal, color coded in white. This suggestion initially presented in the form of two motor vehicles, both white. The first presented itself as on coming traffic which momentarily threatened a head on collision as it entered a turn lane at the approach to this intersection. The second presented as a motor vehicle approaching quickly from the rear, and both incidents occurred in quick succession one after the other in the order described herein. In passing through the intersection once the light changed, a third motor vehicle, also white, a truck, or semi tractor, absent the trailer, took the lead immediately in front of this witness, and stayed there for a significant portion of the journey. On route 2, west of Gracy’s Corner, while stopped for a light, this semi continued on. This witness noted soon thereafter that the semi truck had disappeared, which itself is a fact of note given the numerous traffic lights on that section of highway. It seems most likely the operator turned off into one of the many fast food establishments for lunch while the attention of this witness was directed elsewhere. That this went completely unnoticed by this witness given that present state of attentiveness is quite remarkable, and can only be explained by the necessities presented by the environment.

It should be noted at this juncture that observations of the kind noted above come only through long practice. In the instance of this witness that practice began in 1997, upon observation of what appeared to be and can only be described as experiments into human sexuality using iconography and neural linguistics; experiments conducted in public; and within the environment where these experiments took place were referred to as ‘Shakespeare-ement’s, ‘Shex-periment’s, and ‘Sexperiment’s. This witness, upon noting a pronounced incidence of rape - incidents of rape that included on at least one occasion permanent physical injury and brain trauma - occurring in close proximity to the area where this ‘sexperiment’ was taking place, began to complain, and in so doing began to observe instances of intimidation occurring in an ambiguous manner, often color coded in red; on one occasion noting the strange appearance, one that cannot be explained away as mere coincidence, of more than twelve motor vehicles, each and every single one of them in various shades of red, appearing consecutively at a four way intersection.

To resume the narrative of this day’s witness: On arriving in Burlington, this witness parked opposite the Federal Building where the Post Office is located. A small crowd of six or eight people were across the street, they and this witness met at the intersection of Pearl and Elmwood Streets where there is a pedestrian crossing. Given earlier events, this witness was subject to and did experience a high degree of what behaviorists call ‘cognitive dissonance’; which is to say an acute physical and psychological discomfort with a particular environment and / or the information it presents. So acute was this experience that this witness did attempt to cross in the crosswalk despite the dangers presented by the volume of traffic.

It should be noted that there is a camera located on the Federal Building aimed at the intersection where this small event took place and this event itself may be subject to close scrutiny. Such scrutiny will reveal clenched fists as the subject restrains himself from crossing directly into the path of on coming motor vehicles, and stands as a demonstration of the power of ‘cognitive dissonance’.

A short time later, armed with a coffee, this witness found an empty bench located near the intersection of Church and College Streets. At the intersection were parked two motor vehicles, one a marked Burlington Patrol car, and the other a white suv, very close in appearance to white suvs in service to Homeland Security, which has offices in the Burlington area.

This witness did at that time take note of an absence of stimuli, an absence of ‘signal’ emanating from the crowd of passing strangers, indicating that the signal itself - the intended message - was its apparent absence. This apparent ‘signal’ remained constant for the duration of this witnesses occupation of said bench, perhaps twenty or thirty minutes.

Noting also that these events have taken place very shortly after having posted A Warrant, it appears to this witness that the alternatives offered in response to that posting are either death or silence, and that Liberty itself is not up for discussion. In the view of this witness, silence is not a viable alternative and remains completely unacceptable.

Further, it cannot with utter certainty be concluded that the shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Monday, April 19, 2010, by one Abdo Ibssa, who claimed his physician had implanted a tracking device during an appendectomy that was performed in 2001 - said shooting having resulted in the deaths of Rachel Wattenbarger and Abdo Ibssa; and the wounding of two others - is in any way connected, or is intended as a response, to posting of A Warrant, posted that same day, Monday, April 19, 2010.

Yet this latest shooting, attended as it is by claims of conspiracy, of tracking devices, and of murder/suicide, are without question a consequence of various techniques of human engineering as psychological warfare, and these various techniques do lend themselves to the conduct of terrorism by those who possess them; and so long as such techniques exist and are employed in the social setting, it must be clear and is absolutely certain that silence surrounding them is nothing less than an acquiescence to the promulgation of madness - madness that does result in grotesque violation of human dignity, human and natural right; Constitutional violation of Amendments IV, V, VIII, IX, and X, and may be said to abridge the entirety of that document; and the bloodshed of innocents as a result of murder, murder conducted by proxy, with the express intent of instilling absolute obedience through fear.

As an American citizen, as a Poet, a dissident, as a student of war as it plays out in an undercurrent of our society today, and as a descendant of various heros of our first American Revolution, I cannot, nor will I, accept silence in exchange for Liberty. I do repeat: the blood of innocence will not long remain silent; and I do echo those words given to us from the founding of our nation: Give me Liberty, Or Give me Death.

I do, with a most earnest, deliberate, sincere and simmering rage nurtured within the depths of my soul, once more proclaim ~

Give me Liberty, or Give me DEATH.

© D. Winter
April 21, 2010
10:10 PM

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Comment by ZenDog on April 25, 2010 at 5:32am
“Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.”
Carl Jung
Comment by ZenDog on April 23, 2010 at 11:11am
On The Question of Sanity

Would you care to know how to seriously ruin the entirety of a behaviorists week within just a few short moments of the opening of the session?// msp

Just ask them, if they think that it is true, that neural linguistics, or more properly, Neural Linguistic Reprogramming - and that is a very important distinction, one to make in their presence - is used to kill people. Ask them if it is really any different from Mobbing, which has been the subject of research publication as of 2001.

While they stutter in panicked attempts to change the subject, very calmly assure them that it goes to the heart of credibility - theirs - and that honest and thoughtful answers to such questions are the only way that you as a patient can have any trust or faith in the process or in them as the facilitator of that process.

You will find, I am absolutely confident, that there is no need to push them utterly over the edge with presentation of a hard copy of my poem I Will Bear Witness; that even without it they will most certainly be so anxious to have you out the door who can say but that they will not fall all over themselves to great injury in ushering you out.

But should the need arise, rest assured, they will not immediately - if ever - read the poem itself. Instead, in their trembling rush to shed themselves of the source of their panic - YOU - all they will see is the title, I Will Bear Witness, and in that moment all of their sins will rush in to haunt them with a torment, and with it the terror of public exposure.

The absolute and utterly stunning elegance of all this is that their own personal secrets are usually of little note, and their fears are based only on an unreasonable belief and expectation regarding triviality, mediocrity, and its possible negative impact on their career and public reputation.

Fears for their industry as a whole, now these are another matter entirely.

Would you find it in the least bit difficult to imagine that I have been very quietly blacklisted from the industry as a patient? And to have achieved such status without ever having resorted to criminal behavior - of any kind.



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