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TEMPORAL: Existing for a time only,relating to or limited by time,temporary or transient......temporal matters of but a fleeting moment.....

We are not supposed to take those we love for granted,or life for granted.

I try to tell people I love them and embrace them with my heart as well as my arms everyday. I try to keep my heart full of love,life,and love of life everyday

But somedays.....

On somedays though,just somedays I have to take it all for granted. Somedays I have to wake up believing that this day will be like yesterday and tomorrow will be like today,and the ones I love will be here to tease me or anger me,make me laugh or drive me plain crazy and that life is good,just as it should be.No questions asked or answered.Comfort.

But I spose that's a way of survival for me when trying to keep my fears at bay.

So,I wake up,somedays, do what I have to do to stay "alive".I try to be a better person,and I try to help others in even the smallest of ways, and I don't give in to thinking about all the scary "what if's" in life. I don't let those dark demons reign or even rain over,who I can be today and what I can do today,by simply putting one foot in front of the other to walk blessedly and obliviously forward .

It can be a very soothing place, taking love,life,and love of life for granted......in fact,I think it helps keeps me on the sane side for the most part,when all around me is in chaos and fleeting away from me moment by moment.......

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