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on killer whales;
just because they haven't eaten you
doesn't mean they won't.
addendum ~
they aren't called 'killer' for nothing.

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Comment by caseyjo on February 26, 2010 at 6:16pm
Ha Ha..No Kidding...even the docile ones could accidently hurt you or kill you. Don't mess with wild animals, they are wild. Here in Fl there is a group of wild cat trainers that bring the big cats to a little ring at a flea mkt. called flea world. i used to work at the mkt. & would go watch the big cat show all the time. There is nothing between the people and those cats except a tiny 2 foot fence or baracade if I remember correctly.

They have to feed those cats every second to keep them under control..Not me..I aint crazy. Now that I think about it..Maybe I was crazy for being there watching....I have some pics...I will try to post one if i can find them.
Comment by Michael J Masiko on February 26, 2010 at 3:41pm
thnx for the heads up casejo.
point is though,
if one of them
is in the pool
I won't be hangin
on the edge.
Comment by caseyjo on February 26, 2010 at 12:00pm
Killer whales are not really whales at all, they are Dolphins....They got their name because they have been known to hunt whales. Whale killers...Not people killers. They can kill a person yes, but very seldom do. They are not comfortable in captivity and I suppose can become irritable and cranky, and just plain stubborn just like you or I if we were put into a tank too small. In the wild they can travel up to 100 miles a day. Thats not possible in confinement.

Most captive killer whales are kept alone in drab enclosures. They are pretty intelligent, social creatures that do not survive well out of the wild, dying as much as three times quicker in captivity than in the wild. Many of the arguments in favor of captivity are based on the dangers of the wild, which is pretty unreasonable thinking given the data we have.

A Killer Whale (dolphin) killed a woman the other day....grabbed her hair and pulled her under.We have no way of knowing what he was thinking about when he grabbed the womans hair which was dangling in front of his eyes. Maybe her hair freaked him out or maybe he was playing. I didn't hear anything about this whale eating this woman...have you?..They are wild animals and should be put back into the ocean as soon as they are well enough instead of using them as sideshow freaks for the money......They are wild and do not think like humans.



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