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This is the story of Max the tree,a tree that is so wonderious and giving that I had to give it a name,but instead when I become upset I start to see thing differently.I had wish Max the tree was with me today to help me feel safe and secure for Max is a tree so old and wise and arms that reach from one horizen to another,to form a perfect circle to hide and protect one who seeks it.I wish I was a sturdy and strong as he for Max must be as old as time its self able to stand alone and strong when it seems like the winds of life push and pull you from end to end,but not Max rooted to mother earth never ready to budge no matter how hard one tries to hurt ole Max.Max taught me one thing which he seemed to see as an improtant way of life always be giving no matter hard the world may seem for you will live long and happy as he.Now as he told me his words of wisdom a tale of another story came to mind The Giving Tree,and I began to look at Max and asked him for is he the hero of that tale?He wispered very softly and said all of gods children are the giving tree as long as they can see within their hearts never to ask in return,So as sunset began to cover the warm spring day a hare came and sat beside me and Max and I realized that this is what Max had spoken about to help shelter and provide for those who may need it.I got up and hugged Max as if he was the grandfather I always wanted.I said thank you and farewell to both Max and the hare.So Max as sad and hurt as I feel at the moment thank you for you time to lisen to my sorrow and never asking for anything in r

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