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I saw this woman on T.V., Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes, and she has a tatt of Alice in Wonderland on her upper arm. One of those cool illustrations like the original book must have had--not all Disneyfied. So anyway, besides the name relation, I got to wondering why Mary Alice had chosen this one. Then I got to thinking about Alice in Wonderland---got to thinking about what an absolutely original and freakin trippy story it is.

Alice is a hero isn't she? I mean the chick falls down a ginormous rabbit hole and all hell breaks loose, right? One minute she is reading a book and the next, she is running after a talking white rabbit and drinking some stuff that makes her small so she can traipse around in the garden she finds down there and then after that she eats a cake that says "EAT ME" and she grows way big. You know how many times I have wanted to scream "Hey, EAT ME!"? Anyway, this is pretty cool if you think about it. It takes balls to turn a near death experience into a fairly fascinating evening underground.

I also love that "rabbit" is synonymous with being afraid, cowardly and that Alice is such a bad ass, yet follows the scaredy cat into chaos for some stupid reason.

I am inspired by this having recently fallen down my own proverbial rabbit hole. Well, it is more of a mud mired pig pen. I didn't follow a clever and dapperly dressed rabbit either but more like, well, like a pig. I think I have even said "EAT ME" a couple of times. I see myself, like Alice, having followed a coward.

When the rabbit gets all bossy and tells Alice to "fetch" him his fan, he sets her up to be mocked by the forest critters and she is pelted with stones. Man, I so get that, right? You get bossed around by some asshole, but you think complying is worth the price of peace only to find out that you are being set up to be a brainwashed, isolated designated driver who thinks you are a worthless piece of crap. Run, Alice! Run!

I also love it later on when she gets fed up and goes OFF on the caterpillar telling him he is embarrassingly short--dayum the double entendre in that statement. I like that when Alice has had enough of the nonsense, she gets a little postal. She gets a huge attitude with the King and Queen of hearts and refuses to "hold her tongue" telling them they are merely a pack of cards.

Again, I admire that. Sometimes you have to call things what they are. You have to just say, "enough nonsense." You have to stop letting people yank you around and use you without giving two cents about you as a person, but only caring what it is that you can do for them. Only caring that you fill some need and that you give but never really truly wanting to give you anything in return. Nothing real. Nothing lasting. You have to believe the people in your life when they show you what they are. Embrace the ones who really love and support you and dismiss the ones who demonstrate what shallow, self-centered, cold-hearted bastards they are. For all of those people in my life I say "Off with your heads!"

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