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Katie Couric Interviews Glen Beck! or RED STORM WARNING

Did you see the news today? It seems there was a RED STORM over Sydney Australia. Huge plumes of red dust carried on the wind from the outback. Dust so thick you couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe.

EeYeah. I know what that’s like. We had one of those around here just this weekend. Ha-ha. EeYeah. A RED STORM. The only thing is NOBODY KNEW.

And as soon as I find that son-ov-a-bitch NOBODY I’m gonna cap his ass.

Ha-ha! And you think I’m kidding . . .

I’m sure he’s wearing a red t-shirt that says “Only the Strong Survive” and hasn’t a hair on his bald scalp, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s possible. Sure. Anybody can wear a t-shirt, can’t they? Oh, say. Maybe NOBODY will get YOU to wear it for him. That NOBODY sure is a clever bastard.

Ha-ha! And you KNOW that’s true, don’t-cha. Ha-ha. EeYeah.

Katie Couric of CBS did an interview with Glen Beck, did you see that? It aired yesterday, [Tuesday I guess] and she said it’s on the CBS website, but I’m on dial-up so I won’t be tuning in the web version of the interview. It’s really too bad, too, because I kinda wanted to take notes.

Ha-ha! It’s true. I would like to.

Couric referred to Beck as some kind of pressure release. I think I know what she is saying and the whole idea is so absolutely, outrageously absurd, lets back up. Lets back up and get the whole picture.

O wait. I forgot. You guys are “Little People.” Beck said so. Couric repeated it. It must be true, so you know, I guess that means you’ll need the Big Picture in Little Pieces. Ha-ha! Too bad for you.

Oh Wait. Maybe it’s me. It could be. It could be I’m just so obsessed with breaking the Big Picture that in my mind all there are left are little pieces. What? No? Oh. I see. It’s my mind you mean. It’s MY MIND that is in little pieces.

AHA. I think I’m having an epiphany here. Sure. It’s just my mind broken in little pieces, and the only way I can handle the Big Picture now is in small, sharp SHARDS.

Okay. I getcha. Thanks for that. Now PISS OFF.

Ha-ha! RELAX. I was talking to the LURKERS. Ha-ha. They’re out there. You know it’s true. That’s not funny, is it. Ah well.

So where was I? Red Storm Red Storm. That was last weekend, but someone put the breaks on. Yeah, they said so and I do, I have confirmation. Sure. It got real quiet starting on Monday. It did, it got real quiet on Monday and it’s stayed that way ever since. Well. I know. It’s only been a couple of days. It won’t last long, will it. No, of course not.

So of course someone had to be punished. Sure. So. The rain came, a state cop hits the break to slow down on the interstate, hydroplanes, hits a guard rail, and it turns into a three car pile up. Sure. It was in the news.

How do they do that? You wanna know. I know I know. Confusing, isn’t it? Because you know that no state cop is going to total a cruiser playing charades. Ha-ha! Now you KNOW that’s true. Well, I keep saying SKY NET IS FALLING SKY NET IS FALLING, nobody is listening and you guys all think I’m crazy. It’s alright. I understand. You’ve all got kids, so of course I’m crazy. I have to be, right? Sure. I understand, I really do. Besides, I am, after all this time, it’s true, I am a little crazy, and maybe more than just a little. It’s ok though. I mean, Hey. I haven’t killed anyone . . .


So where was I? Because now, you know, I’m way off track. Wasn’t I ranting about Glen Beck and relief valves? Yes I was.

Well, look at Bob Schieffer. He leans right, doesn’t he? Sure he does. Look at him when he talks politics. You can tell. But he’s not on all the time is he. So it’s obvious, isn’t it? Couric is a left leaning face for a right leaning organization. Sure. And CBS is defending Beck by insisting that he’s just a shock jock and he’s a relief valve for public sentiment that might otherwise get out of control.

Well, of course. It’s true, isn’t it? Sure. And the parent company of CBS is publishing Beck’s new book, so that really is the motive right there. They know he isn’t a relief valve. Sure they do, because that’s obvious too. I mean, calling the President a racist and hosting individuals who call for his assassination by NOT calling for his assassination – that’s not acting like any kind of relief valve is it? Of course not.

And it certainly doesn’t represent conservative values either, does it. No, it doesn’t. But it is beginning to, isn’t it? Sure. That’s true too, and I call that ELASTICITY IN MOTION. Ha-ha. Yes I do. And you thought that demonstrating the elasticity of personality was bad, well. Wait’ll you see how THIS all works out.

I mean, it’s clear, isn’t it? Beck is legitimizing the subversion of the will of the people demonstrated during the last election. And there’s a fairly direct connection between Beck and his nonsense and the deaths of three cops in Pittsburgh by a kid named Poplawski. You remember him, don’t you?
Well, if not I’m sure you can google. You can google can’t you? And you can read about the connection between Beck and Poplawski right here:


Wasn’t it Ronnie RAYgun who signed a piece of legislation deregulating the media? Ronnie RAYgun. So, Yeah. It has. It’s morphed into a BECK DEATH RAY and cops are the ones getting shot. You would think that with the size of the police union they might do something about it, but they just haven’t found their voice yet. Ha-ha. Not yet.

And don’t for a minute think they are the only ones getting killed here, because they aren’t. That’s true, too. Isn’t it? Sure. And if they don’t kill ya they drive you insane. It is, it’s true. What, you didn’t hear about the mobster on trial in Boston about a decade ago? He got on the stand complaining about ALIEN IMPLANTS. You didn’t hear about that?

Maybe you should read the Boston Globe. I dunno.

But it was, it was in the news, a mobster on trial claimed alien implants had driven him crazy and the DEA insisted “it wasn’t us.” Ha-ha. I think that they felt the need to respond at all tells you something, doesn’t it? I guess they just couldn’t get a shrink to take the stand and LIE in a mobster’s face. Not that there ARE alien implants, of course not. There can’t be. Ha-ha. NO there can’t, not when there aren’t any aliens.

Ha-ha. It’s true. There are no aliens.

Let me put it this way - Would you want to tell a mobster he’s just nuts?

Ha-ha. Now that IS crazy, isn’t it? Sure it is.

I know, you think I’m kidding, right? Of course you do. Well. You could ask the guy who got arrested posing as a cop, after walking into a few convenient stores looking for fake twenties. He would look at a few and then confiscate the whole drawer. It’s true, it happened here in Vermont just a little while ago. He had a long rap sheet, and you know he knew the store owners would be checking up to see IF they would be getting their money back, right?

So obviously that was a really lame scam, right? With both his face and his holstered firearm caught on camera for all to see. There really is only one explanation, isn’t there? Sure. He was making a statement. Ha-ha. Sure. Of course he was. “Arrest me or shoot me. Piss off.”

Ha-ha. EeYeah. Well, you know, that’s just my take on it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go ask him WHY. I mean, after all, why not? It isn’t like we can go ask Timothy McViegh now is it? Ha-ha. No, it isn’t.

So yeah, there was, there was a RED STORM around here last weekend. EeYeah. There was. It wasn’t just the college kids pulling my ear to go one way, ha-ha. No, it wasn’t. It was almost everyone. Almost. Of course I went the other, not because I knew what they wanted. I just wanted to see how bad they wanted it.

Ha-ha. True. I did. I wanted to see how bad they wanted it. How bad you ask? REAL bad. Ha-ha. EeYeah.

At this point I would suggest that I’m just a barking dog and someone should call the U.N. before the next selection, but really, don’t bother. They already know and it seems the best they can do is Moammar Qadaffi.

And we all know that isn’t any help at all, is it. I mean, common. Did you see that guy? Trying to blame the Jews for our last Presidential assassination? Really. I mean, we all know, don’t we? The Jews had nothing to do with it. Of course not. We did. Sure. And now it’s really beginning to catch up with us.

Anywayz, it’s true. They did. They spun me pretty hard this weekend. Real hard. Haven’t been spun like that in quite a while. It’s kinda hard to figure why, but I think now I get it. While everyone watches me spin, someone slips a message in that isn’t meant for me at all, and that’s the whole point really, because none of them are really, if you think about it.

And the message? Well that should be obvious. There’s a big bust coming, and the message would contain the date and time, only I didn’t cooperate and so the opportunity to pass that along kinda got lost. I mean, hey. You can’t just call someone up on the phone with that kind of intel can ya?

Ha-ha! No, you can’t. And in some quarters the thinking is that hey, we actually do need these guys to keep the docks secure or al-qaida will be back. What? You didn’t know the bad guys have their own listening post? Well it’s true, they do. Everyone has one these days.

And just think, all you have is me. Too bad for you, huh. Ha-ha. That’s right, something for everyone. But you know someone gets the short end of the stick, don’t you? It’s true. Could be me. Could be you.

It doesn’t matter to me, really. I mean, hey. I’m at a point where I’m just about ready to sit on my bench with my nice hot cup of coffee, pull out a jack knife, and carve a nice deep X on my forehead. I mean why not. The fuckers. Maybe it’ll improve their aim.

Seriously. You know it’s true don’t you? You may not know exactly why, but you do, you know it’s true. It is. Annie Le. That’s why. Only a week or so later another woman named Le stuck a knife in her daughter’s chest. Now while you all may just shrug your shoulders and go huh? Let me point out the STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE of two women with the same last name making headlines on opposite sides of the country intimately connected with violence and death.

Now, before you start shaking your head and insist “coincidence” let me just say, I could show you. I could. In fact, Annie Le’s death was relatively easy. Of course it was. The guy who killed her was a control freak. All it required to set him off was a little bit of friction; behaviorists call it cognitive dissonance.

It also took a little bit of networking but hey. That part too is pretty easy, isn’t it? Ha-ha. Sure it is. You can’t even buy a cell phone today without getting one. Ha-ha. It’s true isn’t it? Sure it is.

So yeah, it’s true. I have my moments. You know that t-shirt with the picture of the American flag on it and the caption that reads “Burn This One”? Ha-ha. We’ll see.

You know what Shakespeare said, don’t cha? “tempt not a desperate man . . .”

We can make anyone desperate today, can’t we? Sure we can.

And who knows. Maybe Annie Le would have given us all a cure for cancer.

So no, I won’t wear the gag. Too bad, isn’t it? Ah well. So no, probably this won’t all end well, and that’s too bad too, isn’t it? Yes it is.

But before I go I want to take one last stab at the term LIBERAL. I mean why not. What else have I got to do, right?

The term certainly does have some seriously negative connotations today, doesn’t it? Yes it does. And that does tend to beg the question WHAT THE FUCK? Doesn’t it? Sure it does. I say it is in itself, emblematic of the LIES so prevalent today. I’m quite serious. I mean, consider for a moment, George Washington is a national hero. He was a LIBERAL.

Consider for a moment, Jesus Christ. He wasn’t just a prophet. He was also a political dissident. He was also a LIBERAL. Wasn’t he? Of course he was. He stood up for women’s rights. He stood up for the working class. When he ascended the cross he took a symbol of terror and converted it to one of peace and of hope. That’s quite remarkable, when you think about it.

And yet, many of those who denigrate the term LIBERAL profess an absolute and profound belief in Christian values and theology. Again, remarkable.

Glen Beck is not only a former drunk and a junky, he is also a Mormon . . . ?

Oh, so I guess that means he got spun?

I don’t know about you, but when I examine the book When Prophecy Fails by Festinger, et. al. and then compare that document with the Heaven’s Gate cult I conclude their act of suicide wasn’t suicide at all, but rather an act of mass murder. Just because the killers used the victims’ own hands to do the deed doesn’t make them any less guilty. False prophets? Sure. We’re CREATING THEM.

And all the international community has to offer is Moammar Qadaffi?

How about the Civil War? You don’t suppose the conservatives won that war do ya? Ha-ha. NO. You don’t. And it doesn’t really matter what party Lincoln belonged to, does it.

No. Ending slavery was a Liberal idea, and liberals won. My grandmother’s grand daddy was a preacher. And he did time in a southern prison, for helping slaves escape.

L.I.B.E.R.T.Y. is a LIBERAL idea. So, you know. My only point is that in my family, and they do, they go way, way, way back; in my family . . .

We NEVER forget.

© D. Winter
September 24, 2009

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