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I've never been one to resist putting my foot in my mouth, so:

This site works. There are some features that TBD has/had that I'll definitely miss, but any successful enterprise has something about it that attracts. The bugs and performance were frustrating. The addition of purchasable goodies right before they announced bankruptcy seemed ill-timed. I didn't plop down a ton of dough, but I'm not expecting it back, I know if I took a pen from some bank's lobby they would chase me out the door, though.

I have yet to find any real bugs here. The chat seems to not always show people who are logged on, even when they are actively chatting. A long post I wrote failed when I clicked Add, ugh. I'll be more careful.

There are some annoying things, but there are an amazing number of features, and they all work, and they work fast! Can we mourn TBD and simultaneously appreciate what is new and good? When did we become our parents?

"Rock and Roll is dead!"

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Comment by Suuse on July 3, 2009 at 8:19pm
I'm with you, Alendar. And as soon as we're all over the newness of this platform, I suspect it will be TBD as usual.

PS: I can't afford to become my parents: 1) I'm someone *else's* parent these days; 2) may my parents rest in peace....
Comment by Stir Young on July 3, 2009 at 8:05pm
You make some very salient points, old buddy! As we still have a few days left at the TeeB, I'll keep one foot here and one foot there. I'm just happy that there was a landing site provided.

Comment by Gator Gal on July 3, 2009 at 6:19pm
It is not! Rock on! lol
and my mom's actually pretty cool



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