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Nothing earth-shattering to say, but I suppose I could ramble. It's been a trying week. Finding out that my second rental townhouse was in foreclosure on the 3rd anniversary of my Second Late husband's death (May 6) was very shocking. The landlord was over 6 months behind. The sheriff's sale was June 24. That means out by Dec 24. Got an email today that I owe a $387 waterbill. WHAT??? water/sewer/garbage are supposed to be included in the rent. talked to the City Hall, the bill is in HIS name. I told them I would be out by NOV 1st. They said they wouldn't turn off the water until after then and they will attach the bill to his taxes. Gotta love Small-town living!
Pissed about the foreclosure because they ASSURED me that it wouldn't happen when it was already in progress. So far haven't paid rent for August, NOT paying Sept at all, Moving Oct 1st. My good friend just bought a house so I am going to take over the rental house she has been in. Only 2.5 bedrooms (dining room can be used as bedroom) but $625 less since utilities are included. going down from 4 bedroom 1800 sq foot townhouse that I planned to stay in until Number One Son moves out next summer.
speaking of.....I just found out that his Social Security goes into his name in November since he turns 18 in October and is a Senior in High school. This boy has no driver's license (coming in April to a road near you) , no checking account and has never worked for anyone but me or his stepdad (not a whole lot of jobs in ML for someone his age) ! and they are going to hand him over a grand per month. He doesn't know yet. I already give him $400/month and he blows it all. Going to have to figure out how to phrase it right so he understands that he needs to pay room and board with that for his senior year. I figure I will give him half outright and keep the rest for food, sports fees, sports equipment and save for him for a car. SO the downsizing of home and rent is a good thing, just the way it came about is sucky sucky.\
vented out enough for tonight. sleep tomorrow, then go to my mom's to float on the lake, then dinner/drinks with my volleyball team. then we play at 930pm. going to take my motorcycle since we have great riding weather right now!

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Comment by lorelei65 on August 20, 2009 at 10:08am
Raining again today. volleyball tonight is going to be messy. going to an out-of-town wedding with my bf. I know our 11 yr age diffeence will be very apparent there. can't decide on which of two dresses to wear. no time to go shopping for anything else. dang!
Comment by lorelei65 on August 14, 2009 at 8:46pm
found out today that my son either lost or had stolen, his $125 football cleats from last year, Hey mom, I need those and a new chin strap by Monday morning at 730am. Guess what son? I work 12 hr shifts all weekend. that isn't going to leave a lot of sleep time tomorrow. He is getting into a depression which is totally stressing me out. don't know if he will stay in bed, or be angry, or be nice. sending my nightly text reminder to take his anti-depressant. I wish they could implant a pump like they do for diabetics! well he has taken it at least 4 times this week so hopefully he will be leveled off for the start of the school year if he keeps taking it. I also weeded out a so-called friend who is a very bad influence on Sam. He cut himself off from all his school friends this summer so he is mad about that and feels isolated. I wish football practice ( 2 a days) didn't start at 0730. we are nocturnal people and that is going to be a bitch for him to get up. here's hoping for a calmer weekend than the week has been. practice starts monday morning, first game as a senior Sept 3rd. If anyone has every dealt with a mentally ill family member then you know it SUCKS! His dad was "manic-depressive" and committed suicide 3 weeks after diagnosis but before any treatment for it, but had suffered from age 16 to his suicide at age 25. 17 years ago 8 days from now.
August 22, April 22 both days of loss for women in my family. my mom's fiance went to work and had a fatal heart attack April 22 1996. 22 used to be my volleyball number til I got on Varsity and my cousin took the number. She died of breast cancer at 28. I guess 22 is a bad number for me.

in response to Maximus. In Minnesota you don't have to pay the last months rent because people were not getting their deposits back on foreclosed rentals. they changed the law a year ago or so. My deposit is equal to 1.5 months rent so not sure if I will pay a half or not. the only glitch is that the closing on deb's house is not going smoothly, our friend is the realtor and she is cracking up right now (bipolar husband) and not taking care of business. so I suppose I will pay Sept and plan to move Nov 1. will have to see on Monday. I have a good enough backstory that I think I could win in Concilliation court if the owner tries to recover any losses from me. I had the same situation in the rental down the street, I walked away in the clear. Nearly all of the 36 townhouses in my neighborhood have been foreclosed on. They are less than 3 yrs old!! They were built as investments and everyone lost their asses. they were trying to sell them for $240,000 now they can be bought for $110,000. I just don't want to buy right now. I will buy a house next year.
probably more ramblings tomorrow night,
Comment by Maximus on August 14, 2009 at 4:09pm

Sorry to hear the housing isn't panning out. Some things to keep in mind, if you don't pay rent, you will probably loose any security deposit provided. Landlords can also go after you for lost revenue. I do not know of the particular laws in Minnesota, but it may make sense to check into what you can forego and not forego (deadbeat landlord or not). Another item to consider is that for future rentals, new landlords will typically check to see how good you've been. late rent, paying at all, etc. This information can follow you around and hurt your chances for getting into places in the future. There are database out there that they can tap into to see how your history is.

With modifying the new place, make sure it's in writing that you have the option to modify the room so that you protect any deposits. When it's in wrtiting that both parties know of the modification or intended modification, much less likely to jeopardize the deposit and stay out of rent court. With the utilities in the new place, try to make sure they are in the landlord's name to insure that next deadbeat landlord will pay up. :].

I must admit, don't have children and probably never will, but I did grow up in a large family. Just tell your son the truth and level with him on the $$ issue. If he's half as smart as you, he'll deal with it...anyway, does he have a choice. Maybe he can intern with a local employer, looks good when someone his age is already showing adult-like manners by joining the work force while in school.




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