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10 Gno Falling Stars.mp3No Falling Stars
(from the lost adventures of the prodigal son)
part 1: I’m Just A Vagabond

I wish I didn’t have to write
To tell you I Miss You So
So far away for so long now
Oh, I miss you so
No phone. No car. No hopes no dreams.
No childrens smiles
I just had to tell you

My heart’s been broke so much
I doubt I’ll find all the pieces again
But I know someday, someway, somehow
I’ll get on my feet again
Yes I know it’s my own fault
But Lord knows I need a brake
I Just had to tell you

But there’s no falling stars out tonight
No Venus. No Mars. Tonight
No one to love
No one to fight
No one to go home to tonight

And the skies are so clouded and grey
Don’t the clouds know they’re so in my way
For if I had
One wish come true
I’d wish I could be there with you
But there’s no falling stars out tonight

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