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My very first trip with hubby to Puerto Rico coincided with the Fiesta De la Calle San Sabastian- 2 more days of festivities and music. It was a wonderful Sunday to spend the entire day just enjoying the sights, activities and music! We headed into the first crowded local diner and I ordered bifsteak lomillo with monfongo. (steak with onions and mashed plaintains) Delicious! It was one of the best we had because the next few days, we ordered monfongo from the other restaurants and compared it to the ones we tasted that first day at the diner they were not as good, in our opinion. I was wondering if I can find the right kind of bananas and make some myself when I returned home. The one regret I had was that I never got to taste Peurto Rican coffee which I heard is very good. I also love their Mojitos. Got to practice my Spanish as well. For activities, we went kayaking after dark through mangrove channels that lead into Laguna Grande in the famous Bio Bay bioluminescent Lagoon tour. In the dark we can see the glow created by microscopic plankton as the paddle moves in the water as well as when our hands disturb the water-we can see it encompassing our hands and as the water rolls off – one can see the “glitter” as the glowing organisms follow the water flow. A definite must-see for first timers to Puerto Rico as it's really unique. The beaches are great too! A great way to get escape the wintry Midwest this year of the year!

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Comment by SkyCruiser on January 26, 2010 at 2:12pm
@Turquoise - Thank you! It is a great first time experience for me- I would love to go back there again when I get a chance. :)



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