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Is it over? A nice run it was. This must be similar to what people felt like in the Bay of Pigs. But there's no Russian bear to negotiate with. Obama's the new Kennedy, maybe he'll show some toughness to Iran.

Israel starts shooting and we'll have at least a Middle East disaster. How could we not get involved?

We don't start shooting and we have a nuclear Iran. I've read often that Israel is completely under the US's thumb. If true, it's unlikely Washington would bless an attack. According to Israel's own analysis there is no way they could stop Iran's program, only delay it. So there is a possibility that Israel may pragmatically decide it is better not to attack, but to begin an arms race more fervently, if that's possible.

Would Iran use a bomb? I think there is a strong probability they might make a first strike. And there is a chance the world would sit by and condemn them.

That's my prediction. Iran gets the bomb, builds an arsenal as rapidly as they can (under strict sanctions), and initiates a strike on Israel, with tacit Arab approval. Russia and China would see this as an unavoidable action. The US would refuse to sell Iran anything else - and we would mean it this time!

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Comment by Alendar on September 29, 2009 at 6:39am
Are they shooting pains, or a general acheyness?



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