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Sing out with A Dream Sing out with the Spirit
Sing out With the Song upon the Wind
Sing out when You are down Sing out with joy as your Heart soars unbound
Freedom comes from within Soaring beyond the Stars and the Moon
Peace is a Place to Visit when your heart is soaring to the Dream
Peace is not far ahead just follow your Dream from your Heart

Sing out and Feel the Love
Sing out with the Flame burning Bright
Sing out and Feel Peace from your Spirit as it Dances
To the Song of The Wind Beneath the Moon shining Bright
Capture the Dream and let no one Clip Your Wings

Precious is the Gift of Love
Sent from Heavens above
Pass it around and Share a Smile
See the Dream Ignite from within
As you sing out with the Song of the Wind

(Tony Kenyon 2010)

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Comment by Sandy Kay Luna on February 13, 2010 at 12:54am
This is beautiful, Tony.



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