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No Matter what we as a people may or may not have thought about Michael Jackson as a person we can look a this acts as a human being. We as a people can look a the negative or look a the positive both do exist . The acts of kindness and good deeds this man did can only make us look at what a difference he made in this world and as a human being he was such an addition not subtraction to it. He made the difference and kept on making the difference with doing and giving monies and time to people and children that needed it.

It is true that he was accused of crimes against children he stood trial had his day in court and was cleared of all charges. It Ends There !!!!!!!!!!!! A jury of everyday people not star's found him not guilty based upon all the facts presented to them.

Enough of that on take a look at the world and how it is getting more and more a scary place day by day. We hear reports now of more than ever people killing themselves and their families . The cry is real the pain is there we need to see it feel it and heal it by making a difference now while we still can . Parent's burying their children it always I thought was the other way around. I
I am opening transitional housing for homeless families and couples. I founded a charity The Christmas Miracle Event . I give to families' and couples to make their holiday's nicer not just on Christmas but all holiday's as well. I also sponsor The Angel Ball an event that benefits Senior Citizens Dreams coming true. I give evening gowns I wear to a charity to give young ladies the opportunity to wear a prom gown . I do all this and so much more and you can too just one single act can make the difference.

Madness think people think we need to act !!!!


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Comment by John Dalhouse on July 10, 2009 at 2:24pm
Yep real shame about him! I would have gone to see him no matter what the cost because would have probably been last time.
We will hear more about in coming months about his life. Friends and family I have a feeling are going to open up and let us know more about the personal Michael. Funeral was very nicely done.



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