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This is a site for the over 40 crowd. That also includes the, over 50, over 60, 0ver 70, and over 80 crowds. Although the last two groups probably wouldn't fit the definition of crowd.
The march of technology is speeding up. I think that is a true statement. I'm sure there are stats on that. But if I have any hope of keeping up I don't have time to look them up.
Maricel Evasco says that if we develope the proper skill set we shouldn't have any trouble keeping up.
I was born near the end of 1937. Automobiles and the cotton gin were in existance at that time. I think radios were. I remember two poles about 20 ft. high and 30 or 40 ft. apart with a copper wire stretched between them. That was our radio antenna. A wire ran from that into the living room and to a wooden box about the size of a modern day laundromat clothes dryer. We used to gather around while my dad tuned a bunch of knobs and we listened to The Grand Old Opery and other programs being broadcast or rebroadcast, out of Pittsburg, PA.

Today I have a device, about the size of my thumb, that I plug into my computer. This allows me to read books, send and receive messages and videos around the world, control remote devices, and get a college degree without leaving the comfort of my home. In my case, a recreational vehicle which I can drive to just about any place on the North and South American Continent.

Yesterday Apple introduced "The I-Pad"

Can you imagine your Grandparents traveling forward through time to the present. Would they be able to play "catch up"?

I was trained in Nuclear Weapons Assembly back when the warhead was the size of sphere with a 6 foot diameter. The nuclear material was armed(mechanically inserted into the sphere) just prior to detonation. Today, you can carry one in a briefcase.
I was trained as an electronic technition before transistors came into use in the military. That was in 1959/60. I saw my first transistor in 1963. I learned how to grow transistors in 1965. I became the sites digital electronic expert in 1967. I was installing and maintaining equipment that intercepted and recorded vidio that was being sent to earth from satellites in 1969.
In 1984 I had three office trailors staffed with engineers and suport personnel working on an engineering contract. That fall one computer was installed in each trailor. My boss scoffed, " You just watch, before long, each engineer will think he should have his own computer".
I helped in the development and deployment of a device that could jam communications on the other side of the world in 1995.

Today I have trouble understanding a very small amount of the capabilities my cell phone.

In 1982, I and a neighbor replaced the pistons in the engine of my Toyota Landcruiser in my two car garage using hand tools and a multimeter. Today I have trouble getting the hood of my car open. And when I do, about the only thing I know how to do is replenish the windshield washer liquid.

I remember watching Star Trek and other TV shows where an earthling would climb into an alien space ship or fighter craft and quickly figure out how to work every thing in it. "You only have 15 more seconds, Scotty".
I would laugh at the improbability of that being possible.

Today, I hand a new cell phone to my sons(grown men) or a tv remote to my 12 year old, (born totally deaf) Grand daughter, and in a short time they have figured out how to make it do whatever they want.

I'm starting to think that kids born today will be able to figure out that alien spacecraft.

What do you think? Can You keep up? I know I can't.

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Comment by OCNaturalDoc on January 28, 2010 at 1:13pm
every generation has it's fashion trends, music, and 'technological advances'. and who knows, perhaps
your grandchildren will one day feel as you do now, and look back at the iPad as a relic.

i remember my mother whispering, 'kids!' under her breath, following her yelling, 'TURN THAT DOWN!' in exasperation over our musical choices. these days, my friends tell me war stories about the antics of their kids, and will usually wrap the rant session with an exasperated 'kids!' paired with an eyeroll. i laugh to myself and later call my mom, starting with, 'remember the time i....' -- recalling a story about some ancient aggravation i caused her and my dad. we laugh over it now, and i thank her for being my mom, for not giving up, and not giving me away. ;-)

but when it comes to technology, my mom is on it! she's always been a gadget girl. i didn't get that gene. i don't care if a phone takes pix, vids, writes messages or draws my bath. i just want it to make a flippin' old skool phone call.

if you don't feel as though you can keep up, make friends with the neighborhood 'tweens' --- they're experts. all of 'em. and they LOVE this stuff! and sometimes easier to get to your house than the service providers.



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