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Attacking Children They are Our Future

We need to unite and to stop these brutal attacks on innocent children now!!! Be more alert to listening while out dining or shopping there are signs that children are being abused and we can run interference to alert law to the cruel verbal abuse or beating children often suffer in silence. Tell am store manager or restaurant manger or anyone you can to intervene on their behalf . You o not get directly involved you begin a chain that can not be broken of reports that will let these earthly demons know they are being watched and investigated and even jailed should this continue,

Please open your ears and eyes too many of our children are being kidnapped abused raped and killed that is the final result of the earthly demons doing these things . Yes even Their Parents can be Earthly Demons .
I sy this to educated and inform you . Earthly Demons are running out of control on this planet and we need to join to together to fight and crush them. They are wicked and do terrible things with malice and no regrets.

This World is not the same place we remember it it had changed due to the people in it have changed and the demons have taken over and they are not the same as people . They inhabit the bodies of people and the people do these things Yes ,they are accountable due tot hey allow themselves to be inhabited by a demon. We all know right from wrong and the laws are clear so there is no excuses. No Insane defenses making a choice to kidnap. abuse rape or kill is a law breaker a crime against humanity.

Heal The world and Save the Children be one who cares not stares...

Be Well God Bless Angel

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Comment by Judi on November 1, 2009 at 1:03pm
People can be evil without being demon possessed. I do like the idea of all adults being more "aware" of the world around us, though.



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