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1. Respect other members and treat them fairly. I will not slander, libel, or otherwise attack other members. I will accept and offer constructive criticism graciously.
2. Always represent yourself honestly. Profile names are allowed, but deliberate impersonation of others is a breach of social network etiquette and a really bad idea.
3. Protect yourself from scammers. Rule of Thumb: If it seems too good to be true it’s probably false. Do not give your personal contact information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain of that person’s motives and integrity.
4. Recognize that differences of opinion are essential to debate and promote diversity. I will disagree respectfully and will not personalize any differences.
5. Message other members responsibly. I will not engage in spamming in any form, or hateful, threatening, or obscene messaging.
6. Make every effort to keep the community engaged in interesting content and informed debate. I will not contribute content that is overtly commercial, or in any other way degrades or compromises the integrity of the community. You are welcome to include links to other websites, information about business endeavors, products, and services on your profile page but such links and information are prohibited in blog posts or Forum discussions.
7. If you moderate a group please consider it your responsibility to manage content and activity within that group. If necessary you can close a discussion, delete content, and remove a member from the group.

Your Content

Please post responsibly and encourage others to follow your example.
1. TeeBeeDee at Ning supports the First Amendment and defends personal expression of unpopular points of view. However, hate speech is not permitted. Use of slurs or malicious stereotypes intended to denigrate a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality, or encouraging violence against these groups is strictly prohibited.
2. Adult-themed content is allowed, but pornography or other sexually explicit photographs or videos are not allowed.
3. Do not post videos, photographs, or other content containing illegal acts or gratuitous violence.
4. Respect all Copyright and Fair Use laws. This means you can only upload content you created or that you have the written rights to use. Do not use content in your posts, photos, videos, or comments that someone else owns the copyright to without obtaining written permission and stating that permission.

MJM note: In case You've never seen them before, these are the 'community guidelines'. found at the top right of 'every' page.

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