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Abuse of any kind is something I am against very strongly. I've been there, and know a lot of it. After treatment, those of us who have been in therapy, we still have our moments that most can't understand. We just have a need to talk with someone else that understands our situation. We need a place to go and be us, whether its to rant against life, support, or to talk freely about our moods (or anything) caused by a memory, dream, or something innocent that puts us in a particular mood.
We need to feel free to express ourselves and know there is no one lurking out there looking in on us. Because of this, I have created a closed group for all of us who have a need to be around others who understand us. A place we can go and rant, talk, BE US.
If you are a victim of abuse and would like to join, contact me and I will send you an invitation, or go to the group and request to join. I need you to be frank and open with me on the type of abuse you have been through.
If you have any questions, contact me....add me as a friend.
One strict rule......if someone joins and later a member has a complaint about that person....I need to know so I can deal with it. The person who is being complained about will most likely be asked to leave the group, or be banned. We need total freedom to talk about anything we feel is important to us.
I have been through therapy, and there are still issues, a couple things I never talk about. I know they are important issues for the simple fact that I don't talk about them. I need a place to go and be able to do that.
Even if you feel you won't be in contact with the group very much, please feel free to join.
The group is called The Sanctuary.

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