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Super Bowl XLVIII...

It didn't start off that way, certainly not with roman numerals, it was just the Championship Game between the leagues, the National and the upstart American. And in the beginning it was no big deal, until, the National lost to  a brash American league team that  made Joe Namath's boast real, and to some shocking, as the American League's New York Jets, beat the unbeatable National League's Baltimore Colts in what became known as Super Bowl III, changing how the game, the Super Bowl, would…


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And no, it is not raw fish wrapped with rice on a plate.

Sochi is the next Olympic extravaganza that will start in a few weeks. As such, this is a spectacular brought to us by the largesse of the Russian people as expressed by the Russian president, Putin. It has been estimated that as such the Russians have put in $50 billion into their new venue, its operation and security.

And yes, it is all about television and then something about sports and athletes. And no, Pierre de…


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Death Sells

I'm trying not to sound holier-than-thou in this discussion. Please bear with me.

I am appalled that TV stations are running endless loops of the actual death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the twenty-one year old luge slider killed in Olympic practice when he crashed into a steel post at almost 90 mph. As soon as I heard the disclaimer that the footage would be graphic, I stopped watching.…


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Balloon Boy

I'm going to keep this brief.

It was so much fun watching the amped up television media make fools of themselves over the Balloon Boy hoax. Any thinking person will understand that our political news is handled the same way.

Now that the entire episode was determined to be a hoax perpetrated by a Colorado family hoping to create interest in a reality TV show about themselves the authorities are trying to determine the appropriate punishment. Let's pile the entire family… Continue

Added by Getagroove on October 19, 2009 at 6:48pm — 2 Comments

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