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More Constitutionality Arguments Against ObamaCare

By Paul Hsieh, MD @ 12:05 AM

January 2, 2010

The Wall Street Journal has published an opinion piece by US Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Kenneth Blackwell, and Kenneth Klukowski entitled, "Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional".…


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Fight Organized Crime: Re-elect No One

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Doctors and Patients Sue White House Over Free Speech Violations

This information was posted early morning CDT September 15 2009 by Dr Joseph Mercola on mercola.com:

The Office of the President and other White House officials are defendants in a free speech lawsuit filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE).

According to the groups, the White House has “unlawfully collected information on political speech,” thereby illegally using the power of the White… Continue

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Watch John Stossel's Special ABC News 20/20 Report Exposing the Truth About ObamaCare

President Obama is rushing a massive socialized healthcare plan through Congress -- with a final vote expected in September.

The “ObamaCare” healthcare plan imposes at least $1.5 trillion in new taxes and forces Americans to “hand over” their health care decisions to politicians and bureaucrats. This nationalization of our health care system will cripple businesses and cause a massive increase in government control over our lives. For more on how the so-called “Public Option” is… Continue

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Congressman Mike Roger's Opening Statement on Health Care Reform in Washington, DC

I'm curious (not sarcastic)...What source does congress use to get these numbers? It seems every time you turn around, people site a different set of numbers. It gets confusing. So who's right?

In a way, it doesn't matter how many are without insurance -- It matters that people's needs are taken care of in a timely fashion. How can we accomplish this without breaking the country, not only financially, but spiritually and… Continue

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Obama: Big Pharma's Sugar Daddy?


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The White House Deal With Big Pharma Undermines Democracy

Dear Friends,

I realize that you may feel like I am bombarding you with information, but Health Care reform, the way Obama, Pelosi, Waxman, Reid, and Emanuel are approaching it, places this country at a critical cross roads in term of completely redefining the role of the Federal Government in our lives. Here's another point of view presented by

Mr Robert Reich:

Obama's Agreement with Big Pharma May Help Healthcare Reform Pass, but it May Also Mean Higher… Continue

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