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David stood in front of the computer and realized how was he going to research the murdered woman’s past when he had nothing on her for starters?

“She’s trying to make me look like a fool.” He was beginning to get furious now. “This is the last time she pulls that on me.  One of these days she won’t know what hit her.”   Walking out of the computer room he heads for where Terri had gone to process the film.

Terri was busy looking at the developed roll with some other experts as Dave walks inside.

“Ah there you are. We’re trying to find out the person’s name but now I have to put it through the police record’s file because we didn’t have a chance to find out her name or get and I.D. there.”  Seeing how aggravated he looked, Terri knew he finally realized she had sent him on a wild goose chase and she knew he was going to sail into her.

“You tried to get rid of me so you would find out before me but I see it back-fired on you. If you want me to keep taking pictures with you  then you better come clean with me from now on or else go find yourself another photographer, you got it?  I don’t care to be playing your little games anymore.” He snapped.

Oh wow, I didn’t know you had it in you. Can’t you take a joke?” She laughed. The kid is growing out of his cocoon.” Terri   sneered.  “Okay from now on gags are out, okay?” she agreed, even though it won’t be much fun anymore.” She continued under her breath.


“Now let’s concentrate how we’re gonna solve this unsolvable mystery.” She continued.  “I’ll place this picture into the system and see what come out. Are you with me?”

“Go ahead chief. I’m with you.” David nodded.

Terri began to send the pictures through the special machine the goes straight into the Materials and Resources Department of the local police station in River Falls and from there it would be canalized to one of the big cities in the East coast.  Now all they had to do is to wait until the results would come back.

“Let’s go back to the main newsroom.   I want to write something about it at my desk, even if it’s just something to start the ball rolling and give the cops something to talk about. It will be a while before we get some kind of an answer back from the M and R department.  Maybe by now someone else over there must have heard something about this case.”  Terri said to Dave.

They headed down the long hall to where the newsroom was located. Terri headed for her desk and sat down while Dave began to chat with other photographers in the room to see what work they had gotten.

“Say Terri. What’s the deal with you? Have you finally found something to write about lately?” One of the reporters sitting next to her desk sneered at her.

“You never know Gary. Why don’t you stick to getting subscriptions for the paper and let me do the reporting?”   Terri smiles unflinching looking blatantly at him.  Gary turns his chair around showing a pout on his face. Then she began to type on her typewriter.

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