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Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in sit a while, refresh

yourself with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a dew or two.

We have fresh baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be

a tad hungry, too.......Your money isn't any good here, but your

friendship is valued, so come on in and enjoy yourself...if no one is here

please just leave a note to let us know you came by to visit....:)


Mary- Manager

Lynn- Bartender

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have a beautiful peaceful relaxing sunday
good Sunday to all! cold and windy, but sunny, at least here! hugs all around....
Now how you doin?

good morning monday
monday glitter
made it before midnite, at least!
hope your day was good!
and now it's officially Tuesday. make it a good one, my friends!

Tuesday Comments @ CommentsJunkie.com
Tuesday Comments @ CommentsJunkie.com

happy tuesday
happy hump day the tink way tinkerbell
Is it Weds already?????? Just waking up to 18* degrees outside...and not too much warmer inside...having my coffee and checking emails....before going into work...........ahhhh.......life, ain't it grand??????? lol

wow it's wednesday cat
wow, Mary, you were as cold as here, yikes! CJ has a fur coat but i sure hope you can stay warm!
Ladyg is pretty chilly too -- i'm wishing this jet stream to move back up into canada where it belongs!!!!
This is where I want to go.....ahhh warmth and sunshine :)

have a peaceful thursday




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