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Since TBD is having so many problems the Daily Grind and I have moved over to our back up site on Eons. This is the link to Ladyg's Place, hope to see you friends.


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Ladyg, this is super......and if you don't mind, I would like to put the link on the outside comment box as well, so just in case someone isn't able or has a hard time getting in here they can just click on link there or copy and paste into their browser.......
Hey YBH!! It has been a mess here at TBDNing since this weekend. Hope you come back around when it's up and going, maybe you can bring some of your Welcome Lounge charm around . he
Well how about this, I got in here on the first try!!!! now how long this will last is anyone's guess :)
better late than never.... i made it, finally!
Good morning!!! Well I did manage to make it in here without too much trouble :) however, I'm not sure how long that will last or if the next member will even be able to get in......so would like to take this time to wish all a wonderful day!
well, there are signs that ning is back to working better. we'll see....
*Update* Ladyg's pc

I just got through talking with Ladyg and due to unforeseen problems, her pc is still down, not up and working. She gave me some information she wanted to put up here in hopes if someone who understands computers, they might be able to know what it means and let her know what she needs to do.....

/system 32 /hal.dll.

Thank you

it won't be me that's helpful.... sorry.
just stopping in here to see if ning is functioning yet...
well, well, what a treat, it seems to be accepting posts, at least.
Hi Lynn!!...yes and I got in here on the first try...:)....maybe there is hope yet for TBD/ning Lets hope so.....:)
looks positive...AND they've brought back the page counter! yay!!!!!!!!




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