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Hello Folks,
Welcome to our little coffee shop, where we just gather when we want to
take a little break, chat with whomever might be here at the moment and
get to know each other. It's a friendly little place and everyone is
welcome. Just say hello and folks here should respond. If no one
happens to be here at the moment, just stick around or keep an eye on
the last post to see who pops up to greet you.

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I got ordered out of a vineyard in Napa for the same reason.
I was once in an orange grove....

Gee, we seem to have some common experiences, lol
We better save those for another time.
Puts a whole new meaning to Orange Blossom "Special" lol
What a weird feeling, I"m getting both tired and worked up. How does that happen???
I just jumped up and stomped some grapes.
There's a cherry-picking joke here someplace.....

Maybe we should go produce shopping sometime : )
I guess there is more than one kind of fruit on the vine. Cherries for pie, Peaches for plucking etc.
Darn you CJ! Now I"m aroused! Oh well, it always feels good to feel that way. It's a healthy sign.
Dr. Buzz here with my big black doctor bag. Glad to see you are still alive.....and kicking!
OH, I can associate buzz with a battery-operated friend of mine....


I'm tempted to get him out now, but I have a cardiologist appointment in about 11 hours. I'm not sure if I'm cleared for sexual activities. It hasn't been an issue lately.




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