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Good Morning Cat! How are you?
Did Ladyg's Mardi Gras party bring the house down? hahaha
I tried to come, but TBD wouldn't answer my knock on the door..lol

The party will be today Janne. . . TBD was not working last night either.
I THINK TBD might be working again!
Are you here USA? LOL. . . maybe I was wrong.
It took me a couple of tries - YAY!
Yep, I thought it was working, but it doesn't seem like it.
I'm stuck - I'm logging out - if I don't get back - have a good one LK - and thanks ((((CAT)))! Have a great Sunday!!
OK, me too. Have a good one!
Well I see we are still having problems.........Good morning my friends I come bearing goodies......french donuts called beignets to go with your coffee this morning.

good morning ; )
Good morning Sedona! I just keep checking in to see if anything is improving . . .
It is hit or miss Cat...or frustration TBD style ..lol




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