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Good morning all!  Welcome to our friendly little coffee shop where you can meet up with some new or old friends.  Come on in, have a seat by the fire and stay warm!  Enjoy the weekend and be safe.

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good moing
Good morning, Robert. I'm Taylor - it's nice to meet you.
hi thank you for bring back some good thought with the song
You're welcome! That song just makes me happy! ;-)
it remind me of friend i lost
did we lose cat
that ear look like it is just right for a neble
I will be right back the dog need to go uot nad my wife is geeting rady to go
Time for me to get on with my morning. You guys have a great day!
Well, looks like I missed you, but it's always good to see you've been around Taylor.
It's been ages since I've popped in here. Though being the first Saturday where I'm up before um, noon. I have some errands to run.

I did get to hang with Rebelin last Friday and will try to get together with her and Coral soon.

I wish everyone a fantastic, WARM weekend!
Yes it has been ages! Don't be a stranger!




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