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Good morning all!  Welcome to our friendly little coffee shop where you can meet up with some new or old friends.  Come on in, have a seat by the fire and stay warm!  Enjoy the weekend and be safe.

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Good Morning Catherine.
Good morning Cuppa *smooch*!
I was surprised that I got here before you today.
I am too. In fact I opened again and then deleted it.
Aw. . . sorry, hope I didn't mess you up first thing on a Saturday morning!
uhhhh Cat. you really didn't get here before I did. Just got opened before I did. lol
OH! So have you not been to bed yet?
Spot on! Clever girl!

A big eye opening morning smooch to you my dear!
Gee, thanks! Do you have company? Busy guy.
You're up early for a day off. Copper been snoring again?
Well, I'm so used to getting up at this time everyday, I can't normally sleep in. I hate waking up on work days, but on the weekends, I don't seem to mind getting up early.




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