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If you have a problem, chances are one of us has a solution for you. Just tell us what it is, and hopefully someone in the Welcome Lounge will know how to deal with it and offer some assistance.
We are not talking about legal, medical, relationship problems etc., but stuff like plumbing, car difficulty, computer, cooking, house maintenance, security or any of a thousand other daily life problems not requiring professional advice.
So, Drop your problem in the coffee bag and make sure that you check back occasionally for your help.
Members! Keep an eye on this site occasionally and please offer what help any of us can. Everyone is at their own risk as to what advice to offer or accept.

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I would suggest taking the container out of the device. If that leaves a spindle hole for the blades, then plug it temporarily with something like a pencil. Anyway fix it so it can not leak through anything you have done by removing it. Then fill it with hot water and see if it leaks then and where. I'm still betting on a gasket problem, but maybe there is a crack in the container. If the gasket is removable, stretch it a little to see if a crack appears only when it is under pressure when in place. It may look normal just laying in your hand.
Well THAT's a first! LOL!
Ha. I should have thought of that! Thanks. . . I'll keep you posted.
Anyone else have a problem? Personally I would like to know of a CHEAP source of cruises to some place warm. Where the residents would look at a picture of a snow shovel, lean back with their hands on their hips and in a deep melodious and vibrant island voice say "What dat TING Bro?"
Yep, it's the gasket. Thanks guys!
This may not be a cruise, but I think it might be in the direction of what you have in mind :-)

I will pass your request by a travel agent friend of mine and see if she has any suggestions if you'd like Cuppa. Guessing you'd like the cruise to depart from somewhere in VA (thankfully that last snow storm didn't travel north). I still have to apply for a passport.
Anywhere on the Mid Atlantic within driving distance Odee. How can I get a friend who is a travel agent?
These cold winter days are a good time to get all of those little repair jobs done, nagging questions answered, and life's mysteries solved. Put up your questions and we'll see what we can do to help you.
I have a solution for which a question has not been asked.
How many remember one of those TV $19.95 ads that offered a "magic" solution for cleaning silverware? They showed a big pot of boiling water, a 4 inch long bar of something in the water and the addition of a packet of dry powder. You dropped your silverware in the boiling water and tarnish went to the bar and the silver came out shiny.
Well folks, I just discovered what it was that they used. The bar was just a piece of standard aluminum, and the powder was nothing more than common household baking soda. I tried it today with a loosely folded 18 inch piece of aluminum foil and a 1/4 cup of Arm and Hammer baking soda.
Guess what? It works!!!!!! The silver oxide tarnish, transmigrated straight to the aluminum foil in about 3 minutes and the silver came out tarnish free including the nooks and crannies of the decorations on the handles. All I had to do was wash off a white film of baking soda from the silverware. I even did a whole silver coffee pot. There were a few spots of deep tarnish which I polished out with regular cream polish. All in all it is a great easy way to do it, and probably saved $19.50 plus S & H, even if I had gotten past the "But wait! We'll double your order" gimmick worth another $0.45 cents.

THANK YOU, I am always polishing silver! And my silver jewelry. Can't wait to try it. (You'll get a call if it doesn't work)
RBAM just sent me a note that he tried it and it did indeed work. What company has as their motto "A Better Life Through Chemistry"?




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