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If you have a problem, chances are one of us has a solution for you. Just tell us what it is, and hopefully someone in the Welcome Lounge will know how to deal with it and offer some assistance.
We are not talking about legal, medical, relationship problems etc., but stuff like plumbing, car difficulty, computer, cooking, house maintenance, security or any of a thousand other daily life problems not requiring professional advice.
So, Drop your problem in the coffee bag and make sure that you check back occasionally for your help.
Members! Keep an eye on this site occasionally and please offer what help any of us can. Everyone is at their own risk as to what advice to offer or accept.

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Thank you all! I have a variety of things I am doing. For the walls, there are dings but not any major holes... One spot I am having the greatest challenge with is where i removed wall paper on the lower half, the chair rail that was so off on the landing it was pathetic... have a new piece to go there but had it cut 1/4 inch too long to fit.. haven't bought a saw yet lol! Above it was those square mirrors from the 70's.. gone, new light in place but where I am moving the chair rail molding and some of the mirror removals have left me challenges. I used the spackling compound and it worked well in some places but having trouble leveling the wall to be smooth/even for painting so it won't show when I paint the color on. Thanks CJ on the other repair. I have saved it for future reference!

Have a great night. Glad tbd seems to be working now!
I'm curious as to what problems your having with where the wallpaper was. If there is old glue still on the wall it will have a different texture than the top half. If it is real noticeable you may need to skim a coat of drywall mud over the entire area to give it a smoother look. Now to back up. I suggest you put on a coat of oil-base Kilz over the glue areas before skimming the drywall mud. This keeps the glue from coming through the mud, which it will and which in turn makes the mud harder to sand.
Some people can get by with that and not notice the difference so that's your call. The chair rail spot may need to be mudded about three inches or more on either side to lessen any hump that there might be. Oh, and any dings or holes that stand up a bit; push the rough edges down with the fat end of your putty knife before you start patching. :-) Way too much info here.
NO, no. . . not too much detail . . we women love detail! Thanks!
Thank you, have a spot that I was having issues with and was reading thru the thread and found your tip ; )
I am trying to learn how to bake. One thing I can't find an answer to is what is the effective difference between white sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar and Southern Sugah. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself with the last one. lol)
Come on guys, I'm serious here. Sorta.
Thanks LK. Some how I knew you would have the answer available.
I just got through talking with Ladyg and due to unforeseen problems, her pc is still down, not up and working. She gave me some information she wanted to put up here in hopes if someone who understands computers, they might be able to know what it means and let her know what she needs to do.....

/system 32 /hal.dll.

Thank you

Mary, Just pass this link along to her:


Have her Google: /system 32 /hal.dll. There is a load of info there on the problem and solution.
Anyone else have a nagging question slowing down their life?
Does anyone have a smoothie maker? Not a blender, but the Smoothie brand maker? Mine has a leak in it. I use it all the time. . . . I take it apart after each use and I'm afraid I didn't put it back together right or something. It's leaking down at the base of the machine. I have the gasket on right. . .

Gasket? The white ring? Nope, it's good.




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