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If you didn't know TBD, you wouldn't understand. For the rest of you, I hope you find something to like in the assembled shards of what was once. It is from bits and pieces I found lying around on my hard drive. The music is Jesse Winchester's "Lonely For A While"

The source of much of this is saved pages from the last few days of TeeBeeDee.

By Brian Hicks
Published on Dec 27, 2009

The beginning

TBD meeting 3/10/2019

2019 TBD meeting TuesdaysRuby and Witchy Luck

2020 with Gypsy Dancer at Gene Autry Museum

Many of us also were members of Eons which went down 6/6/2012.

Famous last post on Original TBD

Pru Dress Up Doll by Maricel Evasco




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