TBD on Ning

Welcome to Ladyg’s Place, a place to come in and visit
with friends, listen to music, read, laugh, eat goodies....have'
fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a Dew or two!!!

If no one is around just leave a note to let us know you came
by....Your money isn't any good here, but your friendship is




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love you back. Mary!  

been meaning to tell you, my hairstyle is holding up nicely, still looks good, and the trick of pinning it back and letting the curls fall instead of bush out is still working well!  i'm so glad you did such a great job on it!!!!!!!!!!!

have a sweet sunday cause ya deserve it - ice cream

Dear Friends,

We have had a wonderful time here in our second TBD home. I have enjoyed the laughter, fun and great conversation. But like all good things it has come to its end. I would to thank everyone who passed Ladyg's Place and said hello. I want to thank my two best buds Mary and Lynn for sticking it out with me, I love you both so much. We are all over on Facebook now and if anyone who does not know wanders in you can connect with all your friends over there or at MyAtlantis.ning. I still have my page up in here and if you need to contact me please send me a message.


Blessing and Love to you all,

Gwen aka Ladyg♥





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