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Hello and Welcome to all that come by our humble lounge. Please sit and have coffee and breakfast or we also have take out if you need to get to work. A place for people to come in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Leave a message and say hello, we are so glad that you stopped by to visit us.

Ladyg - Owner
Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender



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Mary don't make me come up there and spank you.........you know you need the cart.

Oh, Mardi Gras begins January 12 through Fat Tuesday February 12..........that is when we have the all day Mardi Gras floats and the ball that night. 

:) I already marked it on my Calendar....:)  Hope I can join in :)

Now Ladyg...you know me, when I'm focused on a mission, I want to get it done!!! :)

Mary, you are one stubborn woman.  how long will it take you to recover from this, a couple days, or longer? 

Ladyg, she's too old to spank, what shall we do with her?

and Mardi Gras time in a week, already?!?  wow! 

:) Ladies, I didn't really have a choice, b/c I was with my roommate, who

had to be somewhere at a certain time....and she is the only one that

drives too, so I was sort of on her time otherwise I would have waited for

one of those riding carts~~:)

Ladyg, it's about time for another round, don't you think?

AKOakie, what's your pleasure for drink tonite?

Yes Lynn that time is coming up fast............I think AKOakie is gone. Thanks for my refresher.

yep, she was a 1-post visitor.  that's fine....

It's all good Ladies, they will come....might take a wee bit of time but I

believe they will come in :)

I think so too............I am meeting quite a few people here and they seem very nice. 

i confess, i don't spend much time in teebeedee, 'cept to stop here and Moosie's, nearly every day.  but our parties here are the only time i EVER encounter any interaction at all....

Yeah, but you know Lynn, I like our interaction....even if it's just the 3 of us!!:)




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