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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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Howdy and welcome, Steven.

i remember you from a long time ago here.welcome Steve

Thanks, flipper. Thanks, Aggie.

Thanks, OneEyedDiva for the welcome.

Hi Steve - glad you found your way to TBD  from Boomerville.  I was there under the same name as here - sexysassysatin - Welcome - hope you enjoy yourself here.

Thanks, Wendy. I really do like these social networking sites so as Boomerville goes down we're fortunate to  get another site to replace it. 

I was on Boomerville and loved it. I then became a member of this group but due to working full time and my son's illness and the fact I could never figure out how to get around on this site I dropped off for a few years. I lost my son in April of this year and retired in August I thought I'd try again since I have more time. I went by Becca on Boomerville. This name is the one I used on Eons.

My son, that passed with leukemia, wife is very sick with cancer too. She started out with ovarian cancer and now it's all over. I don't understand how 2 people living in the same house can both have cancer. She's a strong woman and is pushing thru the pain that goes along with it. I try not to think the possibility of her death too. They have 2 small grandson's.

I spend a lot of time helping my family and watching Christmas movies. I have 1 large dog that someone dumped out on my street. Other that that not much to tell. I look forward to getting to know people.

Hi East TX granny. ..I remember Becca. I'm really sorry that you've literally gone through hell.  I'm glad that you found us here...Steve

Hi Steve, I remember you too. Didn't you move to FL? This week is supposed to be really cold so I wish I was there too.

Yes, I moved to Florida {Boynton Beach}. It was very warm a while ago but it's very nice now.

I too,, remember you East Tx Granny  I am sorry about the death of your sone and all the other problems you encountered.  I know Becca too and am friends with her still.  She finally retired and I'm sure she still watches her grandchildren (don't know for sure) but at least they aren't babies anymore.

Hi Wendy, I don't do much babysitting now a days. Both of my grandkids are in their 20's. My grandson is still single. My granddaughter is married with 3 kids but she very seldom asks me to keep them. The only time this year I kept the 2 boys is when they went and bought Santa gifts. She's a stay at home mom.




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