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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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My pleasure EA4N.  I've been MIA for a while - hope to be back here in the Fall - when I will have more time to spare.  Many of us I suspect will be much more participatory again once summer is over. Cheers!
I heard about TBD from a friend who was talking about attending a meet up in Largo, FL, next February. I also noticed that I had a couple of other friends on the site, so I thought I'd look around a bit. I'm somewhat of a "social" person and enjoy meeting and interacting with other people. I taught at a small college in NH for a long time and was on FB very early. My students couldn't friend me but it was their graduation gift from me. I'm retired for a year, widowed for 2 years, and have lived in NH for 32 years. Originally, from Philadelphia, PA where I grew up, moved to NJ suburbs where I went to high school and college. I met my husband at 19 we were married at 21 and  stayed that way for 42 years, during which time we had 2 boys both now adults. I also have a couple of grandkids but don't get me started on that subject. I'm just looking for fun and friends here. Hope to get to know some of you. I'm very friendly so don't be a stranger, as they say.
Welcome, Rita!

Howdy and welcome, Rita!


Hi, my name is Amy and I'm new here.  I live in Reno, though I've come from Oregon (and may go back).  I hope to make some friends here and have a good time.

Howdy and welcome, Amy!


I think I posted a hello in the wrong place, so I will start again.  If I did this before, please roll your eyes quietly and excuse me.  

I go by Serenity - it is a 12 step reference.  I had heard about teebeedee before, when I was on thinkbedo.  When it was closing someone mentioned this site and said they liked it so here I am. :)  That is simple enough, I think.  

I'm a long time netizen - I've been on the net since around 1987 with one type of connectivity or another. These present boards remind me of the old BBS systems, only I don't have a screaming 2400 baud modem anymore and I now have a hard-drive. 

Online I tend toward lengthy posts rather than "sound-bytes" so as to avoid mistinterpretation - doesn't always work.  IRL I can be very quiet or I can be very chatty with people I know. As an introvert impersonating an extravert I can me easy to meet and know on a superficial level. I'm actually hard to get to know IRL, yet I am a very kind person most of the time so most people think I am their "good buddy." 

I love dogs and quiet walks along the beach in the off season - usually by myself and sometime with the dog - little dawgpaws. 

I am Hard of Hearing (HoH) and study American Sign Language (ASL).  

Waves - nice to meetcha!

Hi. I'm Mark from Little Neck, NY. I'm a former Eons and Think Be Do addict.  I love to write and to write humor. It's such a welcome change from my job in various supermarket chains where I spend my days moving shelves and merchandise where customers can't find ...or reach what they are looking for. It's part of my job resetting sections in the stores people shop.  My graduate degree in biology/education never prepared me for this "career" of moving Cocoa Puffs and Heinz Beans and Campbell's soup.  Mmmm good. I'm married for 26 years...ooops, I mean 27 with a beautiful daughter nearly 24 back home after graduating from an upstate NY college,(Suny Binghamton),now teaching part time,taking her Masters,and other obligations to become certified in English so her students will hopefully love reading and writing as much as she does.    I love most music,comedy, and dining out at fine restaurants.I eat at a lot of crappy ones too so I can appreciate a fine meal. I have an incredible imagination and try to blend that with my humor in the short stories I write often based on real life experiences . How did I get here? It wasn't easy.I'm not too savvy on the computer but here I am.  I hope to reconnect with old and new friends. 

Well I was a member of TBD and had two groups-that were very successful...and I am online most of the day..In some ways I am home bound so always looking for friendly sites to join and to make new friends. I will probably be very happy here and shouldn't have much trouble finding my way around.


Hello everyone. I guess my profile name says it all. I am excited to be here and look forward to meeting lots of new and diverse people. I just retired as a College Professor so I have a great deal of time on my hands. Before I split the atom or write a novel, I just want to have some fun.

Hi hedybess i to am with boomerville are you still with that group i had a group on eons till it went belly up its name was miles of smiles sad when it closed Teddy

Hi people well i go by the name of Teddy i have been Teddy since windows 95 and MSN i reside in new Zealand one of the best places on earth i emigrated here to nelson in 1974 i am now a new Zealand citizen i am retired i have a lovely wife of 53 years one son two grand children, i was a structural engineer but after been made redundant in the UK i decided to emigrate and never regretted it, my hobby's are gardening, computing and helping people i do enjoy playing around with power point and considering creating a group to share power point and/or teaching power point if there is a group for power point please pm me regards Teddy




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