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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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Hello Earth Angel...I see you are a returnee....:)
Thank you Aggie, sweet of you to welcome me.  :)

Nope Caseyjo, I'm not a returnee, but I"m here now.  Nice to meet you.

Hummm...wonder how I got that idea? Nice to meet you & welcome.......K
Don't know Caseyjo, but thre doen't seem to be a lot of postings here much.  

It's quiet I know....I have my guesses as to why more people dont stay.....I have never felt part of after all this time.....Maybe if your not others cups of tea, you cant make it on a site like this....I hope more people come & stay..That would be nice.

It is just Dot again.  Used to be dotcom. Thought I would join here again to see if anything is happening.  Good to say hello to any of my friends who are left here. ((HUGS))

Hi Dot!  I'm still here!  Good to see you!
Howdy and welcome back, Dot!
Sorry I missed your welcome Dazzling Zoomer.  Thank you!
Nice red carpet pic !
Thank you!




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