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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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Long Kayak ~  the wandering minstrel incarnate (sans codpiece ~ it's a story!) .  (We have met, so I can get away with a wee twist of tart :-> ) !!! So happy you are with us here. Again.

Hi, I'm CWO3ROBBIE or just plain Robbie to many on here.

As my profile says, I pretty much wander wherever I feel like at the time. However, $4 a gal. gas and a lot of my cyber friends jumping ship, has caused me to curtail my wandering somewhat. I used to do a travel blog and will probably start it up again. when I start traveling again. Think my profile will give you a pretty good idea of who I am.

Robbie. No matter where or when- never forgetting the "mongoose and the poodle' ;-D  ~ where ever you are ~ so many of us will follow.  With loyalty, and appreciation ~ personified.

I'm not back; mostly because I never left.  I read far more than I write, but I've been popping in since this site opened.  Heck I was one of the early adaptors at TBD.  As those who know me know, I'm sporadic at best no matter where the thread.  For those who missed the brawl, it's true: I was expelled from MA.  I wear that with pride.  I'm funny like that:  if I post it, I stand by it.  And life goes on. ;)


And now...back to work.  To all a happy "HIYA!"  Y'all have a good evening/morning.



Hey Suuse! Good to have you chime in too. I've been very sporadic of late also, bit MIA here - but I always keep my eye on TBD and am glad we are still all together, more or less! 

I realized the other day that come July 13th or so - it will mark three years with TBD - there and here.  For many others who joined TBD at the onset, this year marks four years together come September. Quite remarkable.  Here's to all the communications - ALL of them. We learn from one another, I know I have, immeasurably! Not forgetting the amazing friendships and good bonds and good wishes and encouragements, all of which (imho) very much outweighs any discord or angst.
Hello, I"m new to this group, this site.   A couple friends, who are members, said I might enjoy it, so here I am. 
I was on another Ning group couple years ago, but it is no longer there but I like the format of this site.

Looking forward to making new friends and some interesting discussions. 

Thanks for having me.
Howdy, EarthAngel!  Nice to see you here!
Hi Earth Angel! It's been a bit quiet round these parts, but we do check in and are aware! Welcome! Happy you have joined us!
Hi..I'm caseyjo....The alleycat who will be sure to stick her foot in her mouth over & over again & then apologize for it and at the same time dislike my slobbering apologies.....I am one caught between the now & then of life & the right & wrong of it. I might be the second anti-Christ behind Snagg for all I know.

I came to TBD from MYspce In May of 2008 I think..(Is that right PHil?..Hi BTW) where I heard someone talk about TBD and how it was a cut above myspce in its maturity..I'm still waiting to see this maturity those people were talking about,..

I never got into the trouble on MYSpace I have on TBD & was never judged to such an extent as I have been here, but I put my heart into it & am still here...a few enemies later I suppose, but If you feel I am your enemy..It's most likely not true.....I got over it a long time ago.

Caseyjo - you a part of the original and ongoing heart and soul of TBD. Courageous and forthright and stalwart in your views and opinions.  Not forgetting flexible, tolerant and forgiving. Always ready to learn, you've taught us all a great deal.


I have a saying I use when I know I've peeved a few folks. "Love me or hate me - just don't be indifferent"!  You are welcome to borrow it - any time! ;))

May I borrow the whole thing...I think  a lot about leaving TBD & I may post my post & your response when I do......It kind of says it all for two ladies who have gone through it here on TBD..The Good, the Bad & the Ugly said by all people here at different times...There are no Angels here.....:) People are going to find reasons to hate, but I would just as soon hold hands & talk to everyone I have ever disagreed with....guess its that old crazy tree hugging hippie in me...Love you Diana

Hi Caseyjo, I don't know you or of you, but want to say hello!!




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