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I am trying to put the word out that the funding to keep TBD Ning going is only through June.  I have no intention of putting more money in -- despite snide comments here, I did not give up on TBD easily, I did so after losing my own money, my friend's money, and years of unpaid work.  So if anyone wants to take over administrative duties (which means linking the account to a payment method), let me know.  

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Well i see 477 views i have been a group leader since 1995 and its always the same when the chips are down people seem to disappear into the woodwork if you want my opinion i have only been with this group a few weeks but the answer is with Eddie dingo he has to decide if T B D is going to carry on after june, 2013 if more cash is the answer this is a good time to start if its left till june 2013 this group will close you can bet money on it, with all the members in this group it would not cost each member hundreds of dollars to keep it going and if a member is not prepared to donate say $25 then there membership is terminated, with all groups you get people join then sit back and let others do the work and they comment if it fits in with there schedule this post might upset a few but the bottom line do you want TBD to close if so then carry on as you are Grumpy Teddy

This woman deserves all the credit in the world for bringing us together in one place to experience mature social networking (and some times immature social networking). Robin would be happy to know the legacy of TBD continues on in our daily virtual world...


I've noticed a slow trickle back home to TBD.  There are a few Groups where life is going on as usual and as people tire of the drama on FB, I believe they will remember their roots here.

Okay is this something that comes up each June?  Will there be a need to have financial input this June, 2014?  Just wondering or has the problem been solved?  

I believe things are good for now.

Although not very active the last two years, I want to thank Robin and all of you for TBD. It was on the "old TBD" that I met my dear wife on November 9, 2008. I took a chance on meeting her on Thanksgiving weekend and we were married shortly thereafter. That totally changed my life, my philosophy, and my outlook. My wife has a saying, "Never be afraid to give up who you are for who you can become." I took the plunge, and I am so glad I did.

If there needs to be any money kicked in, message me.

I will keep site free without ads. Now that I am retired I can afford to.

Thank you, Aggie!




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