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This is like the 6 & 7 Letter Word Games but way more CoMpLiCaTeD!!

5 Letter Word + Make A Sentence + Tag Team Story

Word Game Trifecta!

1) Form a new word from the current word by rearranging the letters &/or changing ONE letter only.

2) Include your new word in a sentence.

3) Sentence must build on the previous sentence to tell a story! ;-P

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We should, after they RAPED America's collective pocketbook.
I wish we could DRAPE them w/reason & goodwill.
Not possible since they are all such good PARDS and tend to follow the bandwagon philosophy.
Enough about politics & politicians.... let me tell you about a community in these PARTS called Serenbe that has a principled, sustainable approach to development & is building villages and hamlets for single people, families and empty nesters of a wide range of economic and cultural diversity, where people are drawn together over gardening, cooking, books, art, ideas, and even over back fences.
And are there PARKS there as well?
There are! And the SPARK of camaraderie is everywhere!
The PERKS sound many and varied and greatly desired.
Yes, and the place isn't full of PESKY commercialism!
We need to SPEAK up for this kind of initiative!
Yes, let's put our money where our mouths are! Call a SPADE a SPADE! Stop supporting advertisers & companies whose practices assault our principles!

(doesn't take much to get me on a soapbox, have ya noticed? ;-p)
PEACE and love, dg!
hahaha! '-)

If everyone PACES themselves, thinking carefully as we make decisions about what consequences our actions have, the world can become such a better place in no time!




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