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Well my friends Christmas Day is almost upon us and the smells and sounds will be in the air once again. So my dear friends are we preparing the same Christmas meal as usual or are we trying out something new this year? Let us know, we can also swap recipes. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends but never forget the reason for the season.

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welp been baking cookies ..come monday ill start punkin pies & apple & cherry pies & cheese cake & then xmas mornin ill start with the turkey ..hamm..baked beans ..home made noodles that i rolled out..scalloped corn ..dinner rolls..mashed potatos ..gravy..green bean cassorle..deviled eggs..& whipped cream 4 the pies & strawberrys 4 the cheese cake ..i think thats it!! ..merry xmas everyone!!!!!
oh!!! & sweet potatos with brown sugar & marshmellows in the oven!! mmmmm....cant forget the sweet potatos!
be right there, jeff!!
oh!!! & sweet potatos with brown sugar & marshmellows in the oven!! mmmmm....cant forget the sweet potatos!
OMG you are killing me...............I think I'm in love.
Can you be my second husband? If not can you take me home with you for Christmas Dinner. YUMMO

what a luscious spread you've put out, Ladyg! makes my mouth water!

my family has never had a traditional menu for Christmas Day. growing up, it might have been spaghetti or a roast or whatever ma felt like cooking. Thanksgiving was THE traditional meal, to gather 'round family, friends, and sometimes near-strangers who had nowhere else to be.

some years, i've done salt-cured ham (love those!), or a turkey w/ trimmings, and one year, it was tuna steaks! this year, it seems no one is stepping up to do the big meal, but that's okay. i'm certain none of us will go hungry!

odds are, my son will crash on my couch, and we'll have a hearty breakfast in the morning, then head out in different directions. unpredictable.
There are times when I would love not to cook.............so Lynn are you up for a road trip to see Jeff. LOL
ha ha ha!!! i usally cook enough 4 an army!! ...as far as 2nd hubby jeffy thinks u hubby mite not like that!!! ..so jeffy feed him too!!! ...lol!!!
dang!!!! now im hungry!!! ..thanks!! ladys!!!
You know Jeff you may have a point about the second hubby thingy. So feeding us both will be just great. LOL
ya think!!!!......lmao!!!!
but ur still a sweety gwen!...of course all u dolls are!!!...oh!! jeffy loves the ladys!!..lol!




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