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Well my friends this year is almost over. So we will be closing this year out with a bang with a New Year's Eve Party. The champagne will be flowing, music to jam by, delicious food to eat, party flavors and old and new friends to party with. Those of you who are not going out with friends on that night stop by and celebrate with us as we bring the New Year in in style.

New Year Countdown - New Year Layouts

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my friends, it's been delightful, and your company has been wonderful. sadly, I'm not going to make it 'til midnite, Pacific time... but here's your champagne -- another glass to tide you over, and a couple of chilling bottles for the next round!

Go on to bed Mis Lynn!!! you have had a long and eventful day, hope to talk with you tomorrow.......sweet dreams.........Love you, girlfriend!!!!
goodnite, dear friends!

Thank you so much for being here tonight, you go and rest now.

Still here, hanging with you ladies and enjoying every minute of it too!!!!!!!!
Ladyg, Marti, am stepping away from pc..(shower) be back in 5, give or take a min.....:) hope you are still here :)
I will still be here..........picking up some more music on you tube. Codes that I could not get before I can now get I like that.
I'm still here...but feeling sleepy...
I never have been one to make it to midnight!
Marti, if you feel the need to go to sleep then do so my friend, cause it's going to be a New Year and Decade tomorrow when you wake up.....:)
:).....just hangin' with y'all




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