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Well my friends this year is almost over. So we will be closing this year out with a bang with a New Year's Eve Party. The champagne will be flowing, music to jam by, delicious food to eat, party flavors and old and new friends to party with. Those of you who are not going out with friends on that night stop by and celebrate with us as we bring the New Year in in style.

New Year Countdown - New Year Layouts

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You ladies ROCK!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It IS a NEW year... FULL of possibility!!!
Kisses all around to you all my friends it has been a blast having you all with me seeing the New Year in, in style.

good friends, good company! thanks for being here with me!

oh, btw, my daughter (the biological one) just called to wish me Happy New Year. she does this every year -- she's partying in Second Life with a guy, and they're in Pacific time...what i want to tell you is ... in SL, she has a baby with this guy, and so ... i'm a cybergrandmother!!!!!!!!!! the baby's 3 months old now, but i just learned about it at Christmastime.
OH my gosh......a cybergrandmother...........Awesome different, but Awesome, Congrats Lynn!!!!!!!!
O M G a cybergranny, man I got this all wrong.............whoaaaaaaaaaaa 3 months, you go grandma. I would not want to be anywhere else tonight Lynn then with You, Mary, Marti and the now a sleep Cat.
well, i don't really know what it means, but will wander into Second life sometime this month, have planned that for quite a while, but now, i have some serious motivation to learn SL!
Me too.....have already explored some, but haven't joined yet....lol
Hey Ladyg.......I am not going anywhere just yet, my friend.......got to toast you when the ball falls for you guys.......and Marti...I will hang with you if you are up for it.........lol that is what friends do........I get to sleep in
and catch part of the Rose Parade tomorrow.........hehehe.........:)
i wasn't planning to leave, unless you're ready to pack it in, Ladyg!
I LOVE parades!!! I was in marching band!!!




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