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Well my friends this year is almost over. So we will be closing this year out with a bang with a New Year's Eve Party. The champagne will be flowing, music to jam by, delicious food to eat, party flavors and old and new friends to party with. Those of you who are not going out with friends on that night stop by and celebrate with us as we bring the New Year in in style.

New Year Countdown - New Year Layouts

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CAT!!!! Take a nap and come back!!!!
Kinda lost my party mood Marti. . . I lost two friends this week. One of breast cancer on Christmas day (54 yrs. old) and yesterday another to ovarian cancer (55 yrs. old). . . I think I just need to take a little snooze and I'll feel better!
(((((((((((Cat)))))))))))))) I understand.......love you!!!!!!!
I know your tired baby, you nap or sleep the New Year in Cat. Happy New Year my dear friend, love you.

If you got it.....flaunt it!
Thank you so much ladies, and I'm back after a minor emergancy.....all taken care of now!!! ( I hope) Martie...isn't it great to be just who you are?????? I love it!!!!!
that was quick...hope it's resolved, for sure!
LOL me too Lynn, me too!
Okay, ladies....clap your hands and let's dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, m'am!!!! I'm very happy being a woman!!!
Me too girlfriend.
:) Me too!!!!!!!!!




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