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Welcome one and all to our party, come have a drink grab some food, sit by the fire and listen to some wonderful Christmas tunes while enjoying good conversation with old and new friends. Santa will be here tonight and checking his list once or twice to see how many ladies have been Naughty or Nice. Now gentlemen don't worry Ms. Claus will be here checking your list to see if you have been Naughty or Nice. HO HO HO

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I'm festively dressed and ready to go into the city for a party. Waiting for Mrs. Festive, trying to not listen to the voice telling me to have a predeparture libation.
Here's my favorite Christmas song
Welcome Patrick so happy you could make it. My name is Gwen aka Ladyg
Ladyg, reporting in, boss! the bar's set up and ready to go!
would you like me to set out some munchies, or have you got stuff ready to go?
Come my friends help yourselves to some food our bartender will be in shortly. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIENDS

okay, then, you were off doing munchies, Ladyg! very nice!

ho!!!! ho!!!! ho!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
HO HO HO and Merry Christmas to you Lynn my soon to be retired friend.
13 more workdays!!! can you see my smile from there?
good evening, Patrick! glad you could stop by!
Lynn would you hold down the fort for me, I have to make a phone call, be right back.
okay. see you in a bit...




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