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Never take gummie vitamins after Listerine...trust me on this

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Important info and I will keep it in mind. How are you? 

Hi Marilyn! Good to see you again! :)

don't do gummies but, just for fun, what happened?????

yeah, are we doomed to conduct our own experiments?

Cal...(looks around nervously)...that's all I can say.....

Thanks! I needed a laugh today. You'll be happy to know that we got more snow last night. The roads are a mess, though, so put your visit off.

Snow? Really? Hah!


Yesterday our temps were in the low 30's.

Today they were in the 60's...with gobs of rain (and Thunder)

In approximately 1 hour..., it will drop back into the 30's again...freezing us into an unprecedentalassistanted  state...

Not so fast, Carol...am firing up the drone (as we speak)...see you soon...please review the list...


Write This Down...

Happy Holidays!

What he said.

Write This Down…

The US Labor Department confirmed today that it had received a terse request from the Donald McRonald transition team demanding the names of all the members of the Rockettes dance troupe who have indicated that they would not participate in McRonald’s inauguration festivities.

In his daily, adolescent, 3am Tweet, the precedent-elect simply said. “Who cares if they don’t show? They’re all fat, anyway.”

Boy, I really love re-living the fifth grade, don't you, Bmichael? (Nah, nah, stupid-head) I live for this stuff.

Write This Down...

Gummie Vitamins are best consumed AFTER eating a Milky Way.




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