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I had always anticipated that an event would occur that would signal the beginning of the demise of Donald McRonald (as if there wasn’t enough already).

Through this past year and a half, I have also wondered what exactly he meant by “Make America Great Again”.

At first, I thought it was simply his famed McRonald hucksterism – a used car approach to selling himself to the simple minds that easily buy into that stuff.

But with the recent, incredible events at the UN, I’m getting a much clearer picture of the clown’s vision for America.

It goes back to the 50s and 60s – those days of the Ugly American – where men in dark suits and briefcases full of money visited foreign leaders to buy their cooperation for our agenda. And it worked for decades. No other country was as big, powerful, advanced, and as wealthy as the US.

Things are much different now – we are still big and powerful, but others have caught up, especially in technical advancement, wealth, and power.

Because of this, the world order has become more dependent on each other – and not on any one player…a point that McRonald clearly misses.

Since taking office he has threatened the world multiple times – NATO, the Paris Peace Accord, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and the ever present North Korea  - that if you don’t do things our way, we will punish you, in some cases, by pulling out of our agreements or levying sanctions that have yet to work.

He is clearly not a politician – he never had to be. In McRonald’s world he is the Supreme Leader who demands loyalty pledges and receives it only through paychecks. Nothing that McRonald ever built had any real life consequences, save financial losses incurred by those he refused to pay for their services.

Has he never considered that Russia and China could band together against us? Or that Mexico and Canada could simply pull out of NAFTA and trade with each other…and others?

During his time in office he has alienated and attacked our friends, further infuriated our enemies, and is isolating us from the world community, at least in spirit which may be the most dangerous thing that can happen.

And that was the message from the world at the UN.

That message said simply that the continuation of his demonstrations of lack of respect for the dignity of the world (including the United States), his failures to keep his promises to the people of his own country, the ramifications of a possible illegal ascension to office, a consensus that he cannot be re-elected or even serve out his first term enhances his image as  incompetent and unqualified to play on the world stage and certainly not to be trusted.

And his adolescent response of payback to those who oppose him, merely strengthens the divisions he has created. (Nikki Haley – you can do better, get out of this)

The UN resolution has been characterized as a rebuke to the United States. Not so. Instead it is a clear and personal rebuke of Donald McRonald.

McRonald frequently whines that he is the victim of a witch hunt.

If nearly everything that came out of his mouth wasn’t a lie, if he wasn’t under credible investigation for election improprieties, if almost every directive that he imposes on the country wasn’t met with a lawsuit, if he had any knowledge of the laws that he is trying to pass, if he showed any kind of statesmanship or sophistication, or if he demonstrated any type of positive leadership, then I would agree with him.

But until then, yes, it is a witch hunt – and he’s the witch.

This is the beginning…








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Poor, Nikki Haley, given that script to deliver out there; do it our way or we won't give you money.Shameful. I agree she's better than that, smart, with a mind of her own when she's allowed to use it. But the whole part is walking in step, even his former detractors. That tax bill victory speech on the lawn with so many on bended knee licking dear leader's boots, boggled my mind. or that call and response at the cabinet meeting, with Mike Pence groveling. Amazing. Sickening, really.

What happens when the US needs help from the UN, our allies. It's not  all give and take, as in we alone give and they take. What is the matter with that man? He happened to be in front of a parade coming down the street and he thinks he's leading it. He thinks the presidency is the fictional movie version thereof, no clue of the realities.

God help us.

I hope your analysis is correct, but I'm not counting on it.  Nothing seems to bring this guy down.

I am now back in this "shithole of a country" (SE Asia for a month) and .... think The Dunce just may have done himself in! (Hope 'n pray.......)




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