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Oh baby, oh baby!

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The last time I saw Ricky was at work on Thursday. We work in close proximity.

On Saturday, I worked with David. 

David and Ricky roles are interchangeable. They cover each other’s off days, vacations, split shifts, etc.

On Saturday, David began complaining of cold chills, and began a hacking and gacking cough as the day went on.

On Sunday, David was off and there were several new people about all trying to do Ricky’s job.

After a while, I asked “Where’s Ricky?”

Borrowed manager looks at me and says “Tested positive for Covid”. And left the room quickly.

On Monday, (my off day) I woke up with a cough, aches & pains, and headaches.


Called hospital and set up an E-Visit.

Tell the nurse what happened. “B, I’m putting you in quarantine, setting up a Covid test, and sending a prescription for cough medicine.”


Covid...if I get it, I’m probably a goner. Age, heart history...

On Tuesday, Covid results come back negative. Whew!

Over the next several days symptoms are continuing but minor and appear to to be diminishing.

Until Sunday.

Making sauce. Suddenly realize that I cannot smell the garlic and onions. Sniff the onion - eyes water but no smell.

Another E-Visit and test - this time it’s positive.

After a long convo with the nurse, I apparently dodged the bullet. Play out the quarantine and go to ER if symptoms worsen.

They didn’t and I went back to work.

About 1 hour into the day, we get the call that Ricky passed away.

David looks fine.

However, it looks like Covid took out almost 90% of our workforce on quarantines.

Ricky was an older guy, not vaccinated and did not wear masks. In an earlier conversation he said he was concerned that the vaccine wasn’t safe.

Well, neither is Covid, pal.

Check in with the boss. She hands me sprays and wipes. “Here use these.”

“Thanks, but this stuff is not as effective as masks. There are people out there not wearing masks - even after Ricky.”

“ I know, but I can’t force anybody because there isn’t a government mandate.” (Make a note to check with my brother on this)

Yesterday at work, the same people who were here that last Sunday are back...no masks and 2 of them with slight coughs.

I don’t know what to say to people who won’t get the vaccine or wear a mask because it steps on their “Freedom”. 

What freedom are you talking about? The freedom that is enjoyed by the North Koreans? Or the Venezuelans? Or Afghanistan? You poor, down trodden, wretched, huddled masses…

And then there’s the unimaginable absurdity of one of the latest “reasons”. 

Taking the vaccine allows the government to track you. Umm, so does carrying a cellphone.

I guess they just don’t read the the facts (or anything for that matter) - that the majority of those in ICU’s, and those that are dying are unvaccinated.

Someone I spoke to recently offered this “Actually, I’m sometimes glad conspiratorial, non-thinking human tree stumps are not vaccinated. They and their friends and families may soon be out of the gene pool”.

Glad you survived, my friend. I would really miss you. Keep on keeping on and be well 

I take it you are vaccinated, B? 

Like Westerly, I would really miss you and am glad that you are okay. 

And if the "conspiratorial, non-thinking human tree stumps" were the only ones to suffer the ill effects of not being vaxxed, that would be fine.  Unfortunately, they are not.  There was a story about a woman who was having chemo for breast cancer and was kicked out of the hospital because they had to make room for COVID patients.  She died.

Me? Vaccinated? Are you crazy?? It's the mark of the beast!!

Yes, I've been vaccinated for Covid...and I just got this year's flu shot...and looking for the Covid booster next.

I'm firmly convinced that without it I wouldn't be here now because of age and health conditions.

I frequently have to remind people that we wear masks to protect others - a concept that tree stumps fail to grasp because it is , after all, all about them. And when you try to bring up the fact that there was almost no flu season last year (because most of us were masking) they change the subject.

I couldn't agree more.

My husband died in February from a heart attack, so that's how I'm doing.  We were married for 42 1/2 years. 

Is anyone still here?  Are we all still alive?

Happy New Year to anyone who still comes here!




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