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Oh baby, oh baby!

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I wish all of those large companies would stop making tear-jerking commercials about how they're going to be there for us - with beautiful music and images of fully PPE equipped doctors reading clipboards in uncrowded hospital floors, children frolicking with Golden Retrievers, and amber waves of grain stuff.

Please...just do your jobs.

Besides, everything is ok...Jared Kushner is coming!

Recently, I witnessed a man in a grocery store become loud and upset when a cashier appeared wearing a mask.

He went into a public tirade about how this was all BS and that he “wasn’t scared of the fu_king virus” which made everyone in the area step back even further.

We stood dumbfounded as another man approached him to talk but he wouldn’t have it. He paid his bill, and stomped out of the store.

Soon after, the Clown said that he personally would avoid the CDC’s suggestion that we should all be wearing masks when we are around other people.

He said that he feels fine and that he doesn’t want to appear in public wearing a mask - completely disregarding the possibility that he might be asymptomatic and might infect others.

Meanwhile, Boris is governing from a hospital...Putin is governing in isolation, and who knows what else this week will bring?

Some days it just seems like Bizarro World!

Waiting anxiously for The Clown's "most difficult decision of his presidency" due this weekend.

And I always thought it was whether or not to get extra cheese on his Big Mac.

Are you kidding?  He always gets extra cheese on his Big Mac -- no decision needed. :-)

Reality Check team
BBC News

The World Health Organization "failed in its basic duty" over coronavirus, Donald Trump claims.

The Clown President "failed in his basic duty to the American people" over coronavirus, Bmichael claims.

Ok, ok...so while things are getting much better so far as grocery stores (and others) have been able to re-stock with necessary items, there is still a shortage of aerosol disinfectant sprays and wipes and it seems they are likely to remain scarce at least into July.

However, I may have some good news!

Having spent the last several days in my laboratory (pronounced la-BORE-a-tory), I have come up with a solution!

Soo...use a wipe as you normally would, but don’t throw it away. Instead put it in a tupperware type container and save it. Also, pour a little of the sanitizer liquid in the bottom of the wipe container to help keep the once used wipe moist.

Repeat this process until you have a new container of newly re-treated wipes.

Now, each time you use one of the re-treats, place it in a second container with a 1-10 solution of bleach water.

By this time, you have either doubled, tripled, or quadrupled your supply of sanitizer wipes.

And if you come across some wipes that simply can’t be used any more, eat them. Attack the virus from inside!

*Special household hint:
If another bleach shortage occurs, go to a home improvement store and check the pool, deck, and patio cleaners. They’re marketed as if they’re something special - but most are just bleach.

Aha! Thank you.

Over 100,000 dead due to the coronavirus, and more to come...

Our cities are under attack and burning due to racial injustice...

The Clown still has not responded but instead, turned off the lights in the White House and is hiding in a bunker.

 Bunker Boy. Ya ya ya

Just heard the clown "activated Barr very strongly" to deploy federal prison guards to "take back the streets." Fire,  meet Gasoline. 

Saw this on a tee shirt the other day...

"That's too much bacon" has never been said by anyone. Ever.




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