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Oh baby, oh baby!

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What she said.

I don't support organized politics.  If I had to pay to vote, I wouldn't vote.

Am wondering why Mike Pence looks and acts like the President than what's his name?

As most of you know by now, I am not very political...but I did come across this frank political discussion that occurred last night, and would like to share it with you.


Thanks for sharing!

Ok...so Comey gets fired.

This is so weak and transparent.


Stay tuned for more of the continuing saga of Donald McRonald vs The United States.

Voter Fraud panel....a smoke screen against the Russia investigation - apparently after the FBI Acting Director's comments today.

What a waste.

You're running out of room, Mr. Precedent.

Honestly, anybody else would be running out of room.  This  guy just keeps waltzing along like the ever-loving Energizer bunny, Hardly a dent on him

Ah! now, there's a dent

...and...I think there's another, larger dent on the way.

Can you say "President Pence?"

It's a stretch at this point that appears to be rapidly tightening.

dare we hope?




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