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Oh baby, oh baby!

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Ah, ahem...

Watching this alleged wiretap thing closely. I like Graham's head-on approach to stop McRonald's outrageous conspiracy theories and start holding him accountable.

Yeah, he really seems comfortable in his element, as senior member of that committee. He's like: ""Show me the proof, and btw, what else was under investigation  and why?"

And also "Put up or shut up".

The other good news of the day is that Nazi in the Netherlands lost his presidential bid - am wondering if we can credit McRonald for that?


Not such a good day for the precedent.

 Three federal judges halted his newest immigration ban...the Senate Intelligence Committee could not find any evidence of wiretapping... it was discovered that Mike Flynn was on the payroll of some Russian companies/organizations – some previously reported (and some not) and someone hijacked McDonald’s Twitter account and wrote a snarky (but very funny) tweet directed at him.

In addition, Snoop Dog (Yes, Snoop Dog ) drew his ire publicly after the release of a music video.

Why he would care about anything that Snoop said or did is beyond comprehension.


Oh yeah...I forgot...and one of McRonald's aides - Sebastian Gorka - is  accused of being a card carrying Nazi Party member. (TBD)

:^ {

That's Dogg - double g - Mr. Dogg.  Just sayin'.

Yep...correctt...never was such a good spelter...:)

and neither was he, apparently.  Can you believe that he and Martha Stewart have a cooking show together????  Never been adventurous enough to watch it though.


I don’t believe it.

Snoop would never associate with a convicted felon!

Sounds like fake news – from Russia!

Latest Gallup Poll approval rating is 36% - a new low.




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