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Do you believe every family has a "black sheep"? You know, the one that doesn't conform or fit in or behave as expected in the family. I believe they do. I've seen it in every family I know, including my own. This is different than the bad seed. The bad seed is inherently bad, the black sheep likes to go against the grain just for the sake of doing it.

I have grown up seeing so many in and around and learnt so much from them. I thank them all for being there and teaching me what not to do with one's life..

All people are like books. One has to learn to read into them.All have lessons to give and lessons to teach.Some good ones and some bad ones and some not so mentionable but important after all.

My belief in Destiny and fate are quite strong but that is not the 'only' criteria  I believe we have to do our bit and put in our effort. You can't lie or sit in place and ask destiny or fate to do what should happen with you.

I was a slow learner earlier but as I matured I learnt that ''Listening" to the person in front of you is important ..because he/she tells you more about themselves. That's what maturity is all about.... do not just advise,talk or brag!Learn to read between the lines ... and you shall be wiser..

Enough Now... I am ready for your views...

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